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Quarai Ruins a.k.a. Ride To Ruin. May 20, 2018

Well, the ride turnout was less than reserved, but the riders that showed were all excellent riders and we made the trip from SFHD to Quarai Ruins on schedule. The ride was sponsored by Santa Fe Harley-Davidson and Lithia Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep. Debby represented SFHD on the ride and Cory was there from Lithia. Food and drink was supplied by the sponsors and all enjoyed the day.

The Quarai Ruins were built mainly by the women of the Tewa tribe and the church still standing as it is today is a testament to their skills. Quarai is part of the Salinas National Monument group in Mountainair, NM. Besides Quarai, there’s Abu and Gran Quivera. All information is available at the monuments office in Mountainair. All 3 are worth the trip to visit

Rick & Debby
Eric & I
At the ruins picnic area.
At the ruins picnic area.
Cory & Debby doing the raffle for the donated prizes.
Nina, Felice, and Steve in the background.
The church ruin!
Some guy I don’t remember and Debby & Steve in the background.
The interior of the church is cross shaped.
The ruins outside of the church are a maze of tiny rooms and skinny assed doorways.
More ruins.
More ruins.
More ruins.
While looking ancient, Rick is not part of the monument.
Debby and I watching Bob T.
Felice, me, Debby & Steve.