Another longish Ride to a casino

Man, you’d think I have a gambling problem, 2 casinos in less than a week! Well, this is all HOG related business and they’re offering free food and door prizes! (You saw the free food, right?)

Yes, HOG related business. The Apache Nugget Casino is having an open house to promote their event capabilities and as the leader of a mighty motorcycle gang (read that as club, we’re not a gang) I get invited to things like this. This invite was triggered by a ride we’re taking to the Wild Horse Casino in Dulce NM on October 7. ¬†We’re having a BIG ride to the Wild Horse that day and since it’s a fairly unknown casino, they are appreciating my effort.

I hope they don’t mind if I bring 20 of my closest friends with me today. I shot off an email to about 150 people to let them know about the free food. Since I ride with mostly older people, it seems like free food is very important to them. The funny thing is, they’ll spend more on gas to make the trip than it would cost them to eat out near home.