Back in the Saddle Again

Went riding yesterday. Dizzy and I hit the road at 9 and I got home @ 1:30. We managed 240 miles and had a great time to boot. We headed down to Mags to pick up the gun I was carrying when I went down on 01/04 and the sight broke off. We continued south and basically just rode where the road took us. We ended up in Mountainaire and we went and checked out the Shaffer Hotel. It’s a very cool old place with swastikas built into the brickwork. It was built in 1929 and the swastikas are an Indian symbol of good luck instead of the usual nasty meaning.

The hotel is closed and for sale, but a peek into the windows show it is well cared for still. I’m kinda surprised. The rooms were cool, with twin clawfoot bathtubs side by side overlooking the Manzano Mountains. I believe that the place closed because of the high rates and maybe because it was haunted.

Good day, great ride, wonderful conversations.