First overnight of the year

A group from the Sangre de Cristo HOG Chapter did the first overnight of the year down to the Trinity Site, just outside of Socorro. We did the lunch thing and the dinner thing as a group. Minus two for the lunch break, but they joined us for dinner.

The run to White Sands Missile Range was an endurance ride on the slow side. 45 minutes of stop & go riding. I had promised my bike that I’d never do that to it again after I blew the engine, but dammit, I made the same type of ride this past weekend. This time I knew how to enable “parade mode” on the bike and it did not fry.

Everyone but us returned home on Saturday after the ride, but Nina and I spent another night in Socorro and and a great meal at Bodega Burger Co. & Lounge.  I had the prime rib and Nina had the salmon salad. Both of us enjoyed it immensely!

The ride home was very nice until we hit Route 3 where we were buffeted by cross winds. Serious cross winds. We made the trip home in about 3 hours. I decided to check the milage, something I haven’t done in ages, and I got 42.25 mpg on the way home despite the winds.

Great weekend with good friends.

Fritz & John
Chris & Rob
Bob Bob Bob
Becky & Carolyn
Rob, Nina, and 1/2 of me
Boom replica
Nina, she’s the bomb!
Some stone thingy at the Trinity Site