I get asked that on occasion by liberals trying to guilt me in to admitting that President Trump is a horrid president and should be impeached. Well I’ll tell you why I tolerate his crudeness, possible lies, and his total disregard for propriety that the office demands.

  • After 8 years of having a president that showed nothing but shame for the USA being great, having a president that shows pride and love for this country is amazing.
  • I get told that President Trump goes against the progressive’s agenda, an agenda that gives more weight to being non-white, poor, on the dole and shows this country as a declining nation. I counter with that fact that Obama’s presidency and his agenda was about racial division and bringing down those that work for their daily bread. President Trump celebrates the working class and proudly says the same.
  • President Trump is called racist and a  misogynist, but he’s done more for people of color and women than 8 years of that fool Obama. The left feels that if you keep screaming the lies, they become truth. Sorry, you’re wrong.
  • President Trump is crude. Sorry guys, but I like that claim. Him being crude is more like the politicians that helped make this country great than the polished liars like Obama, McCain, Bill Clinton and all the candidates that President Trump beat out for the job.
  • Does President Trump lie? YES HE DOES! I don’t care though, because EVERY SINGLE POLITICIAN THAT HAS TAKEN AN OATH OF OFFICE LIES DAILY AND WITHOUT SHAME! If you don’t believe that, your an idiot.
  • No matter how bad a president you think President Trump is, I firmly believe that he’s still better than Clinton would have been for the country. She would have continued Obama’s stupid ways and continued to enrich herself and her “foundation” for the 8 years of her occupation of our capital. I have said it before and I’ll say it until the day she dies; Hillary Clinton is the most evil person to ever run for president and I thank God she lost.
  • Evil? You question my judgment? Well, you had one of the most popular candidates running for office ever, Bernie, and she used every dirty trick to kill his chances of running against candidate Trump.  He would have swept into office with the truest definition of a landslide in modern times, but hillary wouldn’t have it. Hey, at least she didn’t kill him too.
  • Just so you don’t think I would have voted for Bernie, I will tell you that Bernie would have been the very worst president out of the 3 forerunners. He would have had this country in an economic downturn that would have driven us into another depression.
  • I can go on, but by know you’re either nodding in agreement or have already left the page, so I’ll finish with this. I voted for President Trump in a hope that he will break the corrupt cabal called the United States Congress and I will vote for him again and pray that he kicks the next liberal fool’s ass!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Peace.

Just another day exploring.

Just an abandoned property in el Valle.
Just an abandoned property in el Valle with my bike int he picture.
Just an abandoned property in el Valle.
This building is hiding behind the one in the previous pic.
Just an abandoned property in el Valle.
And again with my bike there.

I’m all screwed up.

My internal clock/calendar/brain is all messed up. Too much time on the Harley, which makes me ignore time and space. I know today is Sunday, but it feels like a weekday. I’m not sure which weekday it feels like, but it’s not a Sunday feeling.

  • Friday, a 262 mile trip to Red River & home. Great day!
  • Friday after the ride, I stopped by a friends house to drop off a card for their wedding the next day. A friend of the bride told me that I was a very handsome man and asked if I was single! I told her that I was married and she replied “too bad” and walked away. That kinda made my day and threw me for a loop at the same time.
  • Saturday, a repeat of the same trip, only with a group from the HOG Chapter. 275 miles? I have no clue. Good day. Not as good as the previous day’s ride, but still good.
  • Today? Nina and I are riding. Breakfast and some general riding, just for fun. Maybe this will fix my being out of sorts. We always do the Sunday ride or drive thing, always.
  • Tomorrow? Another banking holiday. Not a fan of this sort of thing, but maybe I’m just jealous of other businesses closing while we’re open. Memorial Day. Have to give props to those that died so we can have the freedoms we have today.
  • The future? It appears that the left is planning on shitting on the dead members of the armed forces by legislating our rights out of existence.
  • If you read this blog and are not a registered voter; WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? Register and vote or go away!
  • I’ve noticed that I’m getting lazy and just posting my thoughts through memes. I need to stop that and start posting words more.
  • OK, I’m done for now. Enjoy the pics I’m posting of the past few days. Peace!


Lorri S. heading out!

Main Str. Red River.
Lots of bikes!
Cherri, her pup and me.
Cherri and I at the Indian booth in Red River.
Pete H. getting a shine.

A ride up to Red River NM

Pete, Tarmo & me made the trip to Red River to pre-ride the route for tomorrow’s chapter ride. Because of a criticism of the planned route, I felt that the pre-ride was necessary. The criticism was unfounded and just plain bullshit.

We had a great ride up there and a very fun ride on the way back. We spent an hour there and headed home a different route. Took no pictures, but I will tomorrow

Quarai Ruins a.k.a. Ride To Ruin. May 20, 2018

Well, the ride turnout was less than reserved, but the riders that showed were all excellent riders and we made the trip from SFHD to Quarai Ruins on schedule. The ride was sponsored by Santa Fe Harley-Davidson and Lithia Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep. Debby represented SFHD on the ride and Cory was there from Lithia. Food and drink was supplied by the sponsors and all enjoyed the day.

The Quarai Ruins were built mainly by the women of the Tewa tribe and the church still standing as it is today is a testament to their skills. Quarai is part of the Salinas National Monument group in Mountainair, NM. Besides Quarai, there’s Abu and Gran Quivera. All information is available at the monuments office in Mountainair. All 3 are worth the trip to visit

Rick & Debby
Eric & I
At the ruins picnic area.
At the ruins picnic area.
Cory & Debby doing the raffle for the donated prizes.
Nina, Felice, and Steve in the background.
The church ruin!
Some guy I don’t remember and Debby & Steve in the background.
The interior of the church is cross shaped.
The ruins outside of the church are a maze of tiny rooms and skinny assed doorways.
More ruins.
More ruins.
More ruins.
While looking ancient, Rick is not part of the monument.
Debby and I watching Bob T.
Felice, me, Debby & Steve.