Boy Scouts now Scouts BSA?

Let’s play this out buy the numbers.

  1. Boy Scouts forced to take girls. Why? Probably because some liberal asswipe parents sued them and got their way in court.
  2. Total integration of females into the Boy Scouts meaning all male centric activities are now open to females too.
  3. The Girl Scouts are pissed. They are upping their game to bring the wayward females back to them.
  4. The Girl Scouts will fail because it’s not about better programs, it’s about about removing all male only organizations from existence.
  5. Now we’ll have girls and boys doing things that boys only used to do and we know that what eventually will happen will be copulation between the sexes.
  6. Surprised?
  7. Sexual harassment will be alleged and lawsuits will happen.
  8. Local troops will start to disband, fearing legal problems. Troops that persist will lose scout masters due to fear of litigation.
  9. Women will replace the scout masters and the Boy Scouts will effectively become the group that didn’t meet the girls needs originally, defeating the stated purpose of the integration of girls with the boys, but it will end up with the BSA shutting down completely.
  10. End result is the elimination of another male dominated organization, which was the true purpose of the integration.

Sucks to be male in a liberal society.