well, I’m on the road again.

So, left home early Tuesday and destination Bardstown KY. Doing a rally called the collision. Insanity is promised. Bardstown is in the heart of bourbon country, including Maker’s Mark, the makers of Knob Creek, my bourbon of choice. It’s almost like Disneyland to me.

On our honeymoon, we went to the Jack Daniel’s distillery and at that time I was drinking Jack, but over time, my tastes changed. Now many of you know I pollute my bourbons with 7-UP or similar sweeteners and while you may consider me a heathen for doing so, I’ve got a sweet tooth and you can just suck it up. I’m not changing.

We’re in ¬†Mountainview MO as of this writing and should arrive in Bardstown early enough for both of us to grab a good nap before the festivities begins.

Tuesday, they headers on my Harley broke, again. Pissed me off and delayed us for several hours. We were in Amarillo TX and had a pizza delivered to us for lunch. $686 and the time wasted had us back on the road again with brand new Vance & Hines headers. This will not happen again. The Rush headers have failed me for the last time. Third time’s the charm. Leaving Tripp’s Harley-Davidson had us riding /baking in triple digit heat. I was one beaten, sorry, dehydrated s.o.b. when we checked into the Best Western in Weatherford TX. Cold shower Brough me body temp down and drinking a lot of ice water almost brought me back to life.

386 miles to Bardstown. It’s predicted in the low 90’s today. Hope to get there early and without any problems. Peace!