1 million + VIEWS!

This blog started out as a personal journal type of blog and I still post personal shit here, but not as much lately. The hate of the left has led me to work against their views and there’s where I focus this blog. I do have a motorcycling blog, that’s linked on here somewhere, just look for Fred Flintstone to go there.

I have to admit that I’m more of a centrist when it comes to politics and the hate of left has moved this blog to the far right to offset their hate. I still hold centrist views like:
~Abortion. I’m basically for abortion if done early. The left’s feelings that it’s OK to kill a viable fetus has moved me to become pro-life here. Killing a viable baby is so wrong that any medical professional performing this act should be jailed.
~Marijuana. I was on the fence about pot back in the day. Since booze was legal, I tended to look the other way. Hey, “let’s party” is not always defined the same by all people, right? HOWEVER, since it has been proven to be medically beneficial to many different diseases, I’d like to see it made federally legal.
~Immigration. For legal immigration-against illegal immigration! Hell, my father was an immigrant, A LEGAL IMMIGRANT! We’ve even got the papers still that, I never saw until his passing. If you wish to join us in this great nation, do it legally, learn the language, get a job, pay taxes, and STAY OFF THE GOVERNMENT’S TIT, it’s really the taxpayer’s tit you’re feeding off of.
~Gun Control. Those that know me may find this hard to believe, but I am for reasonable gun control. 😳 Surprised? I am for licensing gun owners. I am for background checks. I am for mandatory and repeated skills tests for those that carry concealed. I am for gun confiscation from CONVICTED FELONS. I am for warranted searches of felon’s homes to determine if they have guns. Just to let you know, most gun owners that the left wants to take guns from have NEVER committed any offense more serious than a traffic ticket.
~Socialism. I hate the new socialist movement that the ill informed youngsters are touting these days. I’m pretty sure they were raise by stupid liberal parents that gave them everything and now they want the government, or taxpayers, to continue this shit now that their parents cut them off. Just my opinion.
~Religion. I am a Christian and I don’t care what your religion is, as long as it’s not one that endorses violence. Islam? I read some many different thoughts on that religion and until they become accepting of other beliefs, they are evil! Pure evil. I’m sure that my family doesn’t approve of how I practice my belief, but as Popeye always said, “I yam what I yam, and that’s all that I yam!”
~Marriage. I’m for it. It’s worked for me for 36+ years. If it’s not your thing, no problem.
~Gay Marriage. I’m for it. It doesn’t affect me if two people of the same gender love each other and want to legalize it and have the same protections that my wife and I have. Don’t like it, just ignore it. I’m betting that it won’t affect you once you start ignoring shit that’s none of your business.
~The New Gender Thing. I think this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen, BUT I could’nt care less what you claim as a gender. HOWEVER, if you look like a male, I’m going to use a male pronoun when talking to you and I will ignore gender neutral shit that you try to shove up my ass. If you look like a female, I’m going to use a female pronoun when talking to you and I will ignore gender neutral shit that you try to shove up my ass. If you don’t look either male of female, chances are that we won’t be talking anyway, so I don’t give a shit about you.


Now I have no idea who reads this blog. I’m stunned by the numbers of views. Whoever you are, thanks for visiting my site. I end some of my writings with “Peace”. Peace is not a political statement, it is a wish that all my visitors have a good life, a life that all deserve. so I end this by typing. . . . .PEACE!