It’s over.

Christmas that is. New Year’s Eve & day are a piece of cake compared to Christmas. This week will bring us business as people return home and snowbirds head south again. In the beginning of our gas station, when prices were lower, they’d head south earlier and do a round-trip around the holidays from their southern base. Now that gas is reasonable again, you’d think that it would go back to that way, but no, I think that they have changed their ways permanently.

Well, it appears that one of my brothers is still mad at me. I crossed a line with him and I admitted it and apologized a couple of times, but anger still persists. It’s sad that he’s not in forgiving mood in the spirit of the holidays.

Nina and I did a 100.1 mile Christmas Day ride to lunch at a truck stop on I-40. Clines Corners is a huge truck stop that’s open 24/7 365 days a year. 366 in 2018. Watch the video @ the end of this. We had a nice ride, even though it was a bit windy.