Pictures from the Big Texan

Taken by the Big Texan steer!
Taken while they were waiting for me after I broke down. Shifter problems.
Taken by the Big Texan steer!
Robert & Jeannie. Together 43 years, not married. Both are freaking nuttier than an almond orchard.
Hey, that’s me on the left. None of the pictures in this post are mine. Tom Johnson posted them on FB and I stole them.
Debby with me in the picture. Johnny is facing the music since he paid for them to be at our table. He does that because he knows I hate strolling musicians.
Taken by the Big Texan steer! Rudy Baca.

Howdy! They say that shit a lot at the Big Texan Steakhouse. We had a nice time, except for the problems I had with my shifter. On the way to Amarillo I had to keep pulling over to Mickey Mouse fix my shifter. The shaft stripped out and I was able to fix it and it would last for about 50 miles or so before I had to pull over and do the repair again. 3 times it went out and the last time I just coasted to Tripp’s Harley-Davidson in a high gear. I pulled it into service and they had me out the door in 15 minutes with the problem fixed and warrantied. I rejoined the group and a great time was had by all.

We stayed at the Big Texan Hotel. The room was clean, the mattresses were comfortable, the TV was fairly new with a good channel selection, but the room was very tacky. The hot water in both the sink and bath were reversed. The ceiling above the tub was peeling. The outside had a bunch of smallish litter lying about, including a huge bandaid. It was convenient and since we walked from our room to the restaurant, I actually had more than 1 drink. No, I’m not telling the actual total.