last Thursday….

Well, I went down on my bike. Broke my left arm near the shoulder joint. Ouch. It hurts. While making turn, I rode right into an oil spill that some asshole dumped in the road. It covered the whole lane. I was screwed before I even knew it.

I’m basically home bound until Friday when I go back for x-rays again. I have to be good our I get surgery to install a plate in my arm. That ain’t fuckin happening if I can help it.

My bike is broke too. $18,000 to repair it. Thankfully it’s well insured. I should have to pay $125 deductible total. They even want pictures of my clothes that I was wearing and will replace it all if scuffed up.

I am a husband, father, grandfather, friend, business owner, traveller, Harley rider, citizen, patriot, gun owner, politically eclectic person of strange personal habits. I support police, trust no politicians, and can argue any side of an argument just to amuse myself. People love me or hate me and those that are in-between don't know me.

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