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Just a former garbageman living in New Mexico selling crap to tourists and locals alike.


Went for my walk at the National Park again today, the first time in over a week.  I saw more robins on this walk than I have ever seen before. The first one was cool, first robin of spring I thought but there were hundreds of his friends in the field.  I felt like they were following me during the walk and since I listen to classical music during the walk, they may have been.  It was kinda cool listening to the music and having the birds chirping all around me.

Nina joined me at Pilates last night.  Claims to like it actually.  I worked up a sweat last night, even though the studio was cold.  Colleen keeps hitting me with new stuff every week.  I’m still enjoying the whole thing.  The walks combined with the Pilates are giving me more energy.

Erin and I were at BK when I started this posting, but I was posting on my iPad and I find it difficult to use, so I finished it up at home.  There were 3 kids for Erin to play with today at BK and they had a ball.  The mother and I talked and we had a nice chat.  Turns out she knows the Garofolos, our neighbors.  Home school partners and all that ca-ca.


Andy and I took the concealed carry course this past weekend.  After all was said and done, Andy decided not to send in his paperwork to get the permit.  He felt that there was no reason for him to carry a gun concealed.  NM has an open carry law and he feels that the few times he wishes to carry, he’ll carry open.

ME on the other hand I’ll have my application in Albuquerque by the end of the week.  I’ve been carrying concealed when ever I felt the need, but now I think that I would rather stay on the good side of the law.  Besides, I have such a cool carry gun.

Udder Stuff

Erin is here and she’s slept all night in her bed.  Such a big girl.  I know praising her here is useless since she can’t read, but humor me, I’m a grandfather!  Tori, Josh and Erin went bowling yesterday and Erin got a 82, TORI GOT A 21, and Josh lost to Erin too.  21 for Tori, I mean how embarrassing!

I’m done with that here.

I got a sunburn on the range yesterday.  I should have wore a hat.

APG rides.

Erin loves going for APG rides on the property.  My APG is set up for 2 people and it’s the only one that she’s allowed to ride on.  Now most likely most of you are scratching your head about what an APG is.  Most people call them ATV’s, Erin says mine is an APG.

Sad News

One of my friends lost his brother recently.  2 nights ago he received a call saying that his younger brother was found dead in his San Francisco condo.  Dennis told me that his brother was ill and couldn’t afford his meds so he quit taking them   Dennis is in the air as I type this.

Bad News

It appears that the $5/gallon shit will be happening, at least that’s what my gas guy tells me.  Once we hit it gas should drop again but will be at higher level and everyone will heave a sigh of relief and conveniently forget that gas is high for the rest of the year.  BASTARDS!

Just another Sunday in El Valle, NM

Nina and I went out for breakfast and then headed out to go 4 wheeling in the Bernal Unit of the National Forest.  Halfway there we had a problem with the Jeep.  Turns out a bolt was missing of the stabilizer bar and it was rattling like crazy.  A quick stop at a hardware store fixed the problem and we were back on the road.

With the disruption of the trip our plans were changed.  We still did a little 4 wheeling but I took Nina to a little cemetery I found one day above LaFrauga.  Small family cemetery but with a touch of sadness that wasn’t there last time I visited.  There was a grave of a baby with a toy car propped on it.  He was born April 24, 2011, died the same day.  Always sad to hear about or stumble across.

Maybe next week we’ll be able to get to Bernal.  There the ghost is a town or fort or stronghold for the Commacheros that lived in the area in the 1800’s.  Very cool place.  More pictures then.

General B.S.

Yesterday I started Pilates in my continuing effort to lose weigh and add tone to my muscles.  I found it to be easy but somewhat tiring and was told that’s the way it should be. The nice thing is that it’s a zero impact thing and I like that.  I’m currently in what’s called the slug’s class.  I slept well last night and attribute it to the Pilates.

Today I walked at Pecos alone and yesterday I walked there with Dennis.  Big difference walking alone, I walk at a quicker, more strenuous pace.  Longer legs and original parts allow me to walk faster I think.  Dennis has had both knees replaced and is shorter so he has a slower pace.  We do manage to solve all the problems of the world on theses walks though.

Yesterday Erin and I went to BK for lunch and play time but found the play land closed for a detailed cleaning.  Erin took it well and she ate very well that day.  I guess the distraction of the play area and the other kids is to much to resist for her and she eats little when she plays.  Lesson learned, eat in the restaurant and not in the play land.  Play if she eats well.

I recently received a Cabela’s defense catalog in the mail and I felt that their offerings were geared toward the ultra paranoid and women.  Very little was for those that just carry as a matter of course.  I liked what I saw in their gun offerings, but since I’m not really in the market for anymore guns, I doubt I’ll be interested in their firearms catalog offerings.  I’m pretty happy with the guns I currently have and feel that any new guns would also have to offer me things like massages and be able to fetch drinks from the fridge for me.  I doubt S&W will be adding those features to their guns in my lifetime, so I’m good for now.

Shirley’s bedroom should be finished this Friday or Saturday.  We are talking to the home’s management about removing Shirley on Monday and will hopefully bring her home at the end of March, which coincides with the expiration of her pre-payment of rent.  We are planning on talking to home care personnel next week too.  Between home care people and ourselves we should be able to care for her in a manageable manner.  We also plan on talking to the home about placing her there for our vacations.  It would be great if they are open to that as it would lessen Tori and Andy’s responsibilities with us gone.

Well, the weather liar is at it again.  Predicting a huge storm to hit the entire state this weekend and almost giving us a written guarantee.  It would be a welcome event if true, but this clown’s accuracy is sorely lacking.


At one of the twice monthly poker games that we have in the valley, I won a hand that was just one of the best hands ever won.  The game was Roll Your Own, a variant of the 7 card game Low Hole.  You’re dealt 3 cards and you get to choose the one you reveal.  I had a pair of Jacks with one wild card giving me 3 of a kind.  Everyone rolls their weakest cards as a rule of thumb but I started with my power cards and bet the Hell outta them.  The last card I revealed was my second Jack.  Everyone “knew” I had 5 Jacks but 2 of the other players were sporting straight flushes and they couldn’t just fold.  One of them finally folded while the other thought he’d buy the pot with a $5 bet, so I raised him another $5.  All the while I’m laughing like an idiot because I’m telling them I have a shit hand, which I did.  Joe finally folded and I won the pot of the evening.  It was epic.  I ended up $25 ahead on the evening.  Great game.

Other stuff.

Erin is gone for the weekend.  She was a ton of fun this week and she didn’t want to go with the other people.  It makes me sad to have to send her where she doesn’t want to go. I wish we had her 24/7, but right now it’s not going to happen.  We went to B.K. again this week and there were lots of kids for her to play with.  One of our neighbors has been making an appearance there when we’re there and I wish she’s just stay away, she wants to talk gossip from the valley and I’d rather not play.  Oh well, it doesn’t happen that often.

Weather has been brutal as of late.  So much wind that I haven’t been walking like I should.  I may go to one of the malls in SF when I’m in town this afternoon and walk there.  I’m meeting Mark Levin for lunch today and he and I usually have a good time when we get together.  It’s nice doing lunch with someone and expecting nothing but good friendship.

Gas prices are going through the roof out here.  In little over a week the wholesale price has risen 20 cents.  Not sure what they are doing, but if history is repeating, wholesale pricing will start dropping again about 2 weeks before Memorial Day.  That should allow all the stations to stay up there through the holiday and drop pricing afterwards.  Stupid.


I’m Bored

Without Nina here, things are different.  I’m bored.  So bored I cleaned the stove yesterday.  Had trouble getting the belt sander into some of the crevices but the flexible pad sander got those spot pretty well.  I had to use the sharpened screwdriver only on three spots.  Today I’ll try to buff out the scratches.

Cleaned the counter off, did all the dishes, emptied the dishwasher, cleaned the toilet, vacuumed and helped Henry clean out the 4th bedroom.  Bored, bored, bored.

Going to Arrow’s Ridge today for brunch.  Joe won’t be there however, he’s got a booth at a local bridal fair that he has to tend to today.  They’re hoping for more wedding business, which is very profitable.

You remember my friend Michael?  I basically cut off all contact with him.  His addictions have caused me undue stress and grief and I felt that cutting the cord was a good idea.  Well, it’s been about a month or so since we parted ways and I have to say that I have been calmer and happier during this period.  Sad to say I made the right decision for me, but it may have caused additional stress and problems for Michael.  I hope he finds his way out of this hole he’s dug and returns to a sober path.

I’m still walking several times a week.  I’ve sorta plateaued on my weight and I think that I need to up my pace and distance to break through that plateau.  Once I hit a certain point, about 25 pounds away, I plan on starting to run and I’m sure that will help remove weight faster than the walking.  I’m still walking at the national park nearby, but last week I added some ghost town hiking and walking along the Gallinas River during an off-road trip with a friend.  Pictures are below in the previous blog posting.