Sorry, but the drought is still not over people.

Heard “thank God the drought is over finally” in the store yesterday. We’ve got a long way to go before this drought is called over. Two storms over two evening periods gave us some nice moisture and while the storms were heavy and dropped a lot of rain, 15 minute storms  are more damaging than nice. Albuquerque got yesterday’s storm after passing through our area, but they got the added benefit of 90 m.p.h. winds that caused a lot of damage. What ever happened to nice, day long, soaking rains that cause no damage?

Aunt Ella

She’s back at home. She will spend her final days in her room at Freedom Village. She’s happy to be home and went from anxious and problematic to calm and happy upon being placed in her room.

The sisters

No real change with the sisters we have. Both have their own special grind here and they more or less just sit around and watch TV. Kinda like what I do I guess.

Erin & Michigan

Arrangements have been made with Will’s family if the need arises for me to travel east earlier than originally planned. They understand and are very supportive of this trip. Erin is looking forward to this trip and while I’m slightly nervous of traveling alone with a hyper 4 year old, I’m looking forward to it too. I plan on taking her bike with and I’m looking forward to riding with her up there. I’m also bringing my large cooler and making the Lido’s Pizza run, if I can get dry ice. To carry all the stuff, I’m bringing my little trailer. May stop in Chicago to pick up certain things that have been requested to be brought back here. Maybe, maybe not.


It’s nice having the cameras all up and running again. Thanks to Dennis for all the help. We’re not quite finished yet, we have one more camera to install. that one should be in place in a week or so.

If you read it on the internet, it must be true!


We’re screwed.

Here is a video showing how DUMB people are and why we need to ban the stupid from voting. They are signing a petition for something that doesn’t exist and no one questions that fact.


This was at a college campus too.


Poker anyone?

You can have my spot in the local game. I’ve been losing on a regular basis here. I do have fun though and I did win some pretty nice pots, but I blame Ted. He’s a jinx!

Aunt Ella

Aunt Ella is still with us. She’s been difficult in the hospital and they’re hoping to bring her back home today.


We had a nasty rain yesterday evening. It was my fault, I washed my Jeep. The storm was directly overhead and rained for 30 minutes or so. On the way home from poker I saw a lot of erosion damage. Joe’s going to need my tractor to repair his roads I’m thinking.


Spanish Market is this weekend. I guess I get my corn after all.

Keep off the Grass.

Just another Thursday, along with other shit.

  • First and most important, Aunt Ella looks like she’ll be passing soon. While it may be for the best, it’s going to leave a hole in my heart when she does. She’s been a major part of my life and she will be missed. I will be heading to Chicago if she does.
  • Erin leaves today. I may take her to Romeroville, which is halfway to Dilia to make things easier for Belle. Not sure how Tori will feel about that plan. I have errands in town today, and Romeroville is en route.
  • Sold Dennis my old computer. He’s planning on traveling soon and a laptop is easier to take traveling than a desk top.
  • I’ve been meeting Jeep owners out here lately and we may organize a ride locally. I hope to map trails to generate and produce for sale a map of the Jeep trails in the county. All part of the economic development group’s plan to make the county a destination for tourism. I would apply for lodger’s tax money to print and distribute the maps. the maps would be for sale and would generate money for the lodger’s tax fund both in sales revenues and increasing tourism and hotel stays in the area. The rides with locals would help me generate the mapping data needed.
  • I need a winch for my Jeep. Getting stuck last week really highlighted that to me. I’m backcountry alone way too much not to have a winch. Quadratech has a Q-tech branded winch that I’m considering. (Quadratech is a major online and catalog retailer for aftermarket Jeep shit.)
  • Anyway, that’s it for now.
A backward poet writes inverse.


Busy driving day.

I had a meeting in LV for the marketing coop yesterday. I hate these large parent groups that oversee the smaller groups with a facilitator. We have 3 groups, agriculture, business and development and tourism, my group. The facilitator is there to cloud all issues. I was there to add a humor element.

Our group is past the planning stages, the other groups are looking at 2015 as a possible implementation date. We’ve hired a company to market tourism already and the others feel we should have run it through the committee before we acted on things. They felt that just because we can self finance it puts our group at an unfair advantage. Lindsay was getting ganged up on until I brought up the fact that our money was approved through subcommittees and we either spend our money on this project or waste it on others. Lindsay recovered and let them know that this is not group money but tourism money and we’re all moving to better the county.

Went home and grabbed Nina and returned to LV for dinner. Nice relaxed dinner. Nice ride home, chatting the whole way.

Almost there.


Spanish Market was incredible, or so I heard. We did not get there this year. Thanks Shirley. Indian Market will be my next chance to get some of that great corn.

I felt that my posting about the dead person on the bus was a bit vague and here I am to fix that lack of info. A lady that was traveling on a tour bus out of Mexico died of heat related issues and the driver pulled in here to off-load the rest of the passengers and proceeded to the hospital in Las Vegas for them to see to the dead lady. Police were called and 4 state cops responded. The hospital did not resurrect the dead lady and as of this writing she remains dead.

Sometimes, when I’m sitting here in the early morning hours writing this shit, I have to pause in wonder of all the weird stuff that happens here. So many strange things. So many strange people. While I would love to sell this place, I have to say that the thought of what I may miss in the future makes me think I’ll be a bit sad when it does eventually sell.

Dennis, I’m wearing a black shirt and tan shorts.

Sorry about that, I should have posted that earlier. I don’t know what it is about females, but since Dennis and I both wear a lot of Carhartt shirts, it’s gonna happen that we wear the same color shirt on occasion. Men never notice or comment about this thing, but females always comment about it. I guess its one of the basic insecurities that women face since this type of thing never happens to them. I’m sure that the all check when they get together. Yesterday Dennis and I wore green Carhartt shirts, his was a Henley and mine was a t-shirt. DAMES!

Shirley’s home.

yay. She’s in a mood too. Won’t respond unless nagged. Just glares at us. Spent the evening looking in an empty glass. Good thing both Nina and Tori are good at nagging Shirley to a response.

The doctor says that Shirley is at the beginning of the end. It kinda makes me sad to know this but I hope it happens sooner than later. She has no quality of life. She doesn’t respond to any attempt of stimulation. She just exists. Her systems are just at the point of shutting down.

The Royal Baby

Does anyone care? Me either but I bet it’s a girl.

In the words of Mel Blanc “That’s All Folks!”


Strange day?

  • A tour bus left a large group of Mexican tourists here and took a dead person to the hospital. They spent a lot of money here, but it was still strange to have that explained to me on a Sunday while I was away from the place.
  • I got to notarize some stuff for a friend but I had to drive there to do it. Not something I have needed to do before. I think I need to advertise a mobile notary service.  $5 here, $25 there.
  • Dennis and I picked up Erin. We had a nice drive. Erin was glad to see Dennis, not sure about the Herns.
  • I had Will sign a medical P.O.A. for the trip allowing me to have Erin treated in case of an emergency. He was happy to do so and thanked me for thinking of it.
  • Well, the cops and tourists have all left finally. There were a lot of nervous locals trying to figure out why the cops were here and why they were so concerned with the tourists.
  • One of the cops amused me a bit. Everytime he touched one of the tourists, he’d come into the store and use the hand sanitizer that we have on the counter. I saw him use that stuff 4 times and they all were here longer than I was.
  • Rain and lightning across the highway.
  • Just heard from Nina, she’s bringing Shirley home around 6 p.m. You’d think that the hospital would be more considerate about the times they release people.
Butter, margarine or bear fat?


Another Sunday and another trip to Dilia

  • As the title suggests, I’m picking up Erin from Will’s today. Always a fun trip.
  • While I’m doing that, Nina is going to see if Shirley is ready to come home. We’re kinda surprised how long the hospital has kept her. Even more surprised that she survived the visit.
  • Spanish Market today! For those that don’t know what Spanish Market is, it’s a big art show in the plaza of Santa Fe featuring local Spanish inspired art. They also sell fire roasted, butter dipped corn on the cob there.
  • Corn is the primary reason for our visit. People watching is secondary. The art is just there to bring the first two to the plaza.
  • May bring Erin with us. She’s up for anything outdoors.
  • Now all that’s needed is for Shirley to be a good girl and not queer things for the day.
Even a broken clock gets the time right twice a day.


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