I know I’ve said many and sundry bad things about FB in the past, but I’ve been invited to a group of people that I’ve known forever online.  I’m having a great time reconnecting with old friends and playing with them online.  I still hate their format, but I’m having fun there.


Power Outage

We sat in the dark last night for about an hour and a half.  We probably would have gone crazy if it weren’t for Nina starting to sing kumbaya to us and then all of us joining in.  The big surprise was when Marylou and Shirley both joined us in perfect harmony.  Those two old broads can sing!

OK, now that you all have had your morning laugh, yes we did have a power outage last night.  It was short compared to some we’ve experienced out here, but it’s still a pain in the ass.  Once the power returns, we have to run and check all the electronics and make sure they came back clean.  We lost the lottery terminal only and since we don’t own that, who cares.  Lottery will have someone here before lunch to fix it and bring us up.

I still have no idea why or where that power outage occurred and I suppose that my knowing isn’t necessary, but I’m just a nosey git and I want to know.  We’re actually pretty lucky when it comes to power.  Our power is reliable and clean and not that expensive.  I get the cost is subsidized somewhat as part of the rural electrification act, but I’m not sure of how much or even if it’s still subsidized.  I know it’s a co-op and we are part owners, but we never  see  any  checks  like  we do for the phone co-op.  The phone checks every December are nice little bumps for our business and we enjoy seeing checks for our 4 telephone lines.

Everyone have a great week!


Stupid shit.

  • Yesterday we had to have ML transported to the hospital.
  • Yesterday she told us that she had to go to the hospital and it was an emergency.  We called the ambulance.
  • Yesterday she was screaming at the ambulance people because they were asking her questions.
  • Yesterday, at the hospital she was determined to be dehydrated and they rehydrated her.
  • Yesterday Nina and Tori were texting about this and Tori came away with the “fact” that we were going to be investigated for elder abuse.
  • Yesterday Tori told me that CYFD would be here to investigate abuse to Erin because of the “abuse” to ML.
  • Yesterday I received a shitload of BAD INFO because of people texting instead of TALKING.  Talking is good.  Texting blows goats.
  • Yesterday I found out the truth by calling Nina on the phone and TALKNG to her because I freaking HATE texting.  Why?  Because it blows goats.  3 minutes on the phone gave me correct info.
  • Yesterday I started to agree with Carl about technology because TEXTING is a pain in the ass.  I’d actually rather have ass pain than text with anyone.
  • Yesterday was just a weird freaking day made weirder by texting at the end of the day.
  • Yesterday ML told us that she wanted to go to a home again and leave us to our lives.  Yay!  We will make this happen sometime this week.  Soon even.
  • I wonder what today will bring.


I will no longer be posting here about ML, other than a post tomorrow about what happened today.  She’ll be leaving our house soon and heading to a nursing home.  It is her decision and I agree with her after 2 nights with her.

I’m very tired of her games and I’d rather not burden you all with tales of a cranky old lady that is seriously lacking in social graces when it comes to family.  People told me that taking her in was a mistake and they were right and I was wrong.


Marylou day 2.65? Maybe?

OK, ML was complaining that her back was even worse than normal.  I gave her half a Percocet that I had laying around for some reason.  Didn’t help.  She demanded to go to the hospital, I called 911.  She is now on the way to the hospital.  Nina is following her.

The ambulance people were asking her questions and she’s screaming at them telling them she’s 85, which she isn’t, and complaining that they should just take her NOW.  Where does she get this entitled attitude?

Oh well.  Check back here for updates.


I doubt she’ll make it here past day 6.

Wow, things turn to shit quickly with Marylou.  She went from grateful to spiteful in under 3 days.  The pity party is huge.  She wants to die every 15 minutes and last night was a nightmare.  She’d keep yelling for help and Nina would have to reposition her in bed or give her water or some such shit.

Monday we’ll be heading to Vida Encantada to check on space availability there.  That’s where Shirley was when she was in a home.  At least it’s closer than any place in Chicago.  I hope we can place her there by wednesday latest.

I was so proud of Nina last night.  She was putting ML to bed and she ripped into her about her attitude and her whininess in general.  She gave her 5 minutes of it and ML apologized to Nina.

I was typing this when I heard “water.  water.  water.” coming from her room.  Walked in and gave her some and then left.  No words were spoken, no thank you.  What a nasty woman.

People told me that she would not be nice and I didn’t believe them.  I was wrong and you all were right.  She seemed so helpless and contrite during my visits to her prior to her coming here.  She fooled me.  Vile people don’t change.

We tried.


Marylou, day 2

As things happen with her daily I will add to the day’s post to update you all.  At least those that care.

Last night she woke up around 11:30 screaming for help.  She had to go #1.  Nina dealt with that is her normal, unflappable way.  I have no clue about the details and I’m sure that you’d rather not read them.

She woke up around 7:30 and Nina got her up and ready for her day.

When I got up today, several hours earlier than both of them, I rearranged the furniture to make room for the second wheelchair.  When Nina finally wheeled ML into the room, she noticed the changes right away and told me that us taking her in may have been a mistake because she’s causing us to upset our whole household for her.  I told her that any upset is a one time thing and that we’ll deal with things this week and then things will settle down.

She then told me that if we feel she’s too much of a burden, we should just place her back in a home like the one in Illinois.  WTF!?  I could have found a nicer place in Illinois and placed her there and it would have been easier.  The place where Dick is maybe?  Saratoga?  Oh well.


Well, there’s been a change sorta.  She can’t sit in her wheelchair for long periods of time.  There’s no support for her neck and head and that bothers her.  We’ve moved her to chair that offers her the support she needs and she appears happier.  This old person is very high maintenance compared to the other old person we have.  We’re thinking of making a trade, but we have to research that further.

Newer Yet!

Now ML has decided that she wants to go back to the home in Chicago.  She felt more comfortable there and she feels like she’s a burden to us.  Oh yeah, she wants to die, still.  This woman is very depressed.

Check back later, maybe there’ll be an update.



Hey! I won last night.

I won $17 last night at the weekly nickel/dime game at Curt’s house.  I did Joe more than a few nasties last night, taking pots from him while he was holding 4 of a kind, straight flushes, and the like.  I got the cards last night and while he did too, I got better cards.

It was also nice that Jiminy didn’t show up.  Nice guy, but he’s annoying, at least to me.  I was also glad that Ted never showed.  Good guy, but everytime he shows, my luck circles the rim.


Day 1 with Marylou

  • It was a pretty easy thing with the exception of having to take her to the doctor.  Getting her up and down the stairs is a pain in the ass.  Luckily John, a.k.a. Buddah, was here to help me both up and down the stairs.
  • She’s talkative compared to Shirley.  She keeps telling me; family history, how much she likes Christina, and how she worries that Shirley doesn’t want her there.  All shit that I’ve heard about way to much.
  • She prefers to be in bed more than Shirley.  Works for me.
  • She eats more and better than Shirley.
  • All in all it’s not terrible.  All in all it’s still new.  All in all it’s not great.
  • She has told me at least 3 times that she wishes she had died.  She keeps that up and I’ll tell her how to end it.
  • More later.



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