In Illinois Again

Well, Uncle Harry died and his memorial is today.   Nicest guy you could know.

Tomorrow I head home after breakfast with the brothers.  Beth is in the Netherlands, so while I probably would have excluded her anyway, I didn’t have to tell her to miss this meal.  Should be an interesting breakfast.

Many calls from the home front this trip, not necessarily from Nina.

Tori is out in Florida trying to find a new boyfriend and while I find it strange that she’s doing this at Disneyland I wholly support her effort to find happiness, even if it’s a talking mouse or some other critter.

I saw Kleyweg today.  He looked good standing in the ghetto, almost natural.  He held out his hand and I gave him $20.  It was only after I had driven away that I realized he wanted to shake hands and wasn’t panhandling.  Don, you owe me $20 you ugly thing.

Visited with Archie today too.  Damn, I’ve been busy!  We had a nice chat.  She’s amazed at Nina.  Not going to tell you why.  It’s more fun that way.

Well, I have to wash the ghetto/Kleyweg smell off of me and change to go to the memorial.  Looking forward to seeing all the people and regretting that it takes someone dying to bring them together.  Such is life.


Wind . . . . I HATE YOU!

Driving home from Santa Fe with Erin today, I noticed a bunch tumbleweeds being blown across the interstate.  I think one big tumbleweed may have been a mule deer or an elk, but I may be wrong.

This wind is abusive.  I’m looking out the front door at what’s supposed to be a clear and cloudless sky and all I’m seeing is light brown and I can barely see the mesa across the highway.  It is miserable out here.

That’s all.



I’m painting my little trailer to match my Jeep.  It sounds kinda hokey, but it really looks cool when I’ve seen trailers painted to match Jeeps.

I’ll post before and after pictures when done.



Well, the flush handle hit the floor when I tried to flush it this morning.  Just left a little knob to try to flush with.  Lucky for me I had some tiny vise grips lying about the living room.



It will be left like that until can get a new handle system.  Thanks Tim for putting a crappy pot metal piece of shit on my toilet that didn’t last a year!



40 Pounds

Since I started to try and lose weight, I have lost 40 pounds.  I started at 335 and I’m now at 295.

This has been a long time getting here and my current goal is 250, at which point I will reassess my goal.  I started this current downward trend over a year ago and while I wish this was a faster process, I’m happy it’s still moving down.

Sister Beth clued me into the FitBit thingy, a fancy assed pedometer, and it has helped me in this process.  I can track things better with the FitBit and the related website that syncs to the device.

I’m amazed at how few calories I actually ingest and I’m still fat.  Out of the entire time I’ve been doing the FitBit thingy, I’ve gone over my suggested calorie count 4 times and those were small amounts.

Oh well, I’m losing weight and that’s what’s important.


Uncle Harry

My Uncle Harry passed away on Easter Sunday.  My memories of him are private and fond, but I felt his passing needed mention here.  He was a good man, who raised good kids, who themselves have brought good kids into our lives.  You will be missed Uncle Harry.

My New Ride

Since it went to Facebook, I figured to mention that it was bought at Lithia Jeep in Santa Fe.  Marc Golan always treats me like an armed intruder in his house when he sees me at the dealership, but I still buy all my cars from Marc.


First 3 on top of a small mesa that has 3 unexplored kivas on top.

DSCF2069 DSCF2070 DSCF2071

Last 3 are in an arroyo that parallels the railroad.

DSCF2072 DSCF2073 DSCF2074

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