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Blue Rhino & Other Fun Stuff

Looks like we’re gonna be a Blue Rhino distributor soon.  They are the propane bottle exchange company.  We’ve been trying to get this in place for years.  Trade show contacts never panned out.  Phone calls to the corporate headquarters never panned out.  Finally talked to a route driver and he gave me a number to call.  Hey, it worked, we’re getting a bottle exchange facility here.  Should be up and running by the end of the month.

Well, Erin and I had a good time this week.  Burger King on Wednesday and The SF Children’s Museum on Thursday.  We had a great couple of days and I’m looking forward to her return on Sunday.  Next week is different, she leaves on Friday and returns on Monday.  Tori and Josh are going to Denver for some stupid football game.  Come on Tori, they broadcast that junk on TV now and you don’t have to travel or sit with dirty Denver peoples.  Silly Tori.

Played poker last night.  I started out great but ended up losing $10.  It was a nice game but since I’m sick I was less fun than normal for me.  I doubt I’m contagious.  (That was for all the anal people that thought I should have stayed home.)  I play twice a month with a group of guys, one of which is an easy mark.

Erin got me sick by the way.  Rotten kid!  Tori got her sick.  Nina got Tori sick.  Rotten females conspired to make me sick, I just know it.

S.F. Children’s Museum

Erin and I went to the Santa Fe Children’s Museum today.  Erin had a blast running around with the other kids and I enjoyed talking to the parents.

Erin exploring outside of the Children's Museum in S.F.

She ran from exhibit to exhibit like crazy.  Sensory overload.

She loved the water exhibits.

While the museum was not really my cup of tea, it’s really about Erin and what she loves to do.  I like taking her to places where there are other kids for her to interact with.  The place is smaller than I thought it would be, but the outside areas made up for the inside tininess.

Erin loves blowing bubbles and they have a great area for doing that inside. Lucky Erin!

The staff is very attentive to the children, which is a good thing I guess.  Erin was not very attentive to the staff.

I wonder why Tori's daughter was attracted to this?
She loved the padded area.

More Poop

  1. Just found out the the primary caregiver for Erin in Dilia just had an operation that makes her carrying Erin impossible for quite some time.  She had the same operation that Nina had and breezed through recovery, the rotator cuff was repaired.  We come from good stock, pity she’s such a weak unit.
  2. Erin, as of late, comes back from Dilia in a real pissy mood, but since we refuse to allow her to dominate our actions toward her, it passes fairly quickly.  I’m thinking it’s something she’s told to do.  I hope not because we go out of our way not to talk negatively about them in front of her.
  3. I really hate the new computer setup ritual.  All the migration assistants seem to miss something or another, every single time.  None of my passwords transferred this time.
  4. I’ve had some ask, OK one person, that I allow political discussion here.  I really don’t care what you talk about here.  This is here for my own amusement and spirited discussions usually amuse me.  I will not be responsible of anyone’s words but my own and posts containing profanity.
  5. I’m seeing less hummingbirds lately and that makes me wonder about an early fall & winter.  DAMN you global warming!
  6. It appears that none of my friends are joining us in San Francisco this month.  Too bad.  We are now discussing whether we will change our plans now or just go anyway.  We’re still heading out this month.
  7. We’re coming up to our 29th wedding anniversary this month.  Next week even!  Let’s all remember 9/11 in a positive way and remember our anniversary rather than that other thing.