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TV? Is it really worth it?

Mostly I use the TV as background noise while working, sleeping, surfing the net and relaxing in general.  I tend to watch a lot of spongebob squarepants because I find it to be educational, mentally stimulating and highly entertaining . . . . not.  We all know why I watch the Bob.  Today I saw a commercial for “Redneck Island” anew reality show where inbred fools compete for who knows what.

I’ve always thought I was not gonna watch reality TV, but the truth is that I do watch some form of that, Cops, Border Patrol, Jail, and others.  I know, I am ashamed.  To add to my shame, I watch a lot of the “. . .  Wars” shows.  These things are like crack cocaine to a voyeur like me, I just have to sit here and watch what happens next.

I know Mom watches Judge Judy and loves that cranky woman.  I think that most of her audience is women that enjoy watching a powerful woman rip into people everyday.  I never really cared for the show, but then I’m not female so it’s no surprise.

Anyway, I’m thinking of dumping the satellite TV and moving to Apple TV and just buy my content from the iTunes store.  For what I pay for Dish, I can get quite a collection going and I’d be able to play my downloaded music on the TV which will sound much better than my iPad or computer.

Probably won’t happen.


OK, the weather liar is predicting a big drop in temperature, which I will believe.  They are also predicting small amounts of moisture for the upper half of the state, which I think is a boldfaced LIE, again.  Whenever we have a change in weather these lying scum promise small amounts of moisture, however they always lie.

Right now I’m sitting here waiting for my newspaper to be delivered.  This happens far to frequently for me to let it go much farther.  I’m going to have the delivery person remove the boxes and that will stop the customer complaints.  Now we all know that newspaper boxes are not my responsibility, but my customers keep bitching at me about the fact that the paper is not available. It also effects my business.  People that stop for coffee and a snack just walk out of the store when the papers are not delivered early.

I’m glad I don’t live on the east coast now.  I hope these people get a break soon.

Wednesday~Nov. 7~The day after the election~Shit

  1. Well, Phil Griego won again.  That’s good news.
  2. Gary Johnson received 1% of the vote.  A sad showing.  Too bad.
  3. Unless you live in a cave, you know Obama won.  A sad win.  Too bad.
  4. While I feel that Romney was the other Obama, I’d have rather he won.
  5. I am now waiting to find out how much the health care plan will cost me and if I can afford it.  I will fire all employees and run it by family only if I can’t afford this abortion.
  6. I hope this place sells fast.  I will start advertising on the East coast by the 15th.  Yes, I am an opportunist.
  7. Friends are abandoning ship it seems.  Local friends are moving en mass. I know this is a hard area, but everyone leaving?  Dennis is staying though.  Diane Moreno was the latest to tell me she’s hoping to move.  She has a real cute house that’s perfect for a tiny couple or a single person.  It’s in the historic village or South San Isidro.  Anyone interested?
  8. I signed out of FB today to take a break.  While I really hate and distrust the site and it’s format, it sucks you back there frequently and is addictive as crack cocaine.  My Scrabble buddies will have to wait for me to play until I get my iPad charged up again.  Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after.  No, I will not put it on my phone.
  9. I also told my supervisor at the website I work for that I’m gone for a week, maybe two.  Sent her an email and told her it was a mental health break.  :-)~
  10. I told my mods that they could work as much or as little as they liked.  Gave the helm to Idi & Ninja so the site’s in good hands.  They’re wondering what’s up, but I’m not telling.
  11. Household drama is wearing thin.  No further details will appear here.
  12. Thanksgiving will be a major event at Arrow’s Ridge.  They’re talking about 120 people being there.  I cancelled us for that date.  I love going there, but we’ve decided to do a more intimate thing this year AND we do celebrate Erin’s birthday on Thanksgiving at our house.  It’s easier this way.
  13. Still no word on when that meeting will be rescheduled.  I’m still pretty peeved about how it didn’t go down nicely.
  14. Wow, it’s just after 7 here and it’s a beautiful cool night.  Sitting next to the door with the gentle breeze blowing over me.  I love it, but Nina gets cold quickly.
  15. Erin wants me to buy her a giraffe.  Damn, they’re hard to find in NM.
  16. Good night all.

Election Day

Someone has decided that her shoes need to reside next to mine.

Well, good luck to the United States of America, you’re gonna need it.  Who ever wins will undoubtably change this country and I’m pretty sure we’re screwed either way.

Meeting Canceled. Bastards.

OK, this morning I have a 10:00 meeting with my city counterpart of the lodger’s tax board. I’m sitting in the conference room waiting for the other 3 people to arrive.  Yeah, it was a huge meeting.  We had to limit participants because if there were any more members of either of our boards, we’d have had a quorum and that would make it a legal meeting that would require advertising and minutes kept and most likely press present.  We decided that we didn’t want that to happen. Two members or the county and two members of the city, no more.  We couldn’t even have any real paid type of peoples from the local governments.  Legal bullshit.  No one else arrived.  I called the local jail warden and asked him where everyone was?  HE got notified that the meeting was canceled but I never heard from anyone.  Because of this I’m dumping a private email address that I can’t be bothered to check on my phone and giving everyone my gmail address.

Anyone that has the old email address, forget it.  Use the address from now on please.  I have that on my iPad and my phone and my computer and I can check it from your devices if needed or I can check it via old style Indian smoke signals if there’s available wifi.

Other Shit and Stuff and Garbage

Erin is home and she’s full of it again.  I may take her somewhere for exercise tomorrow.  She slept for 12 to 13 hours last night.  I found it to be somewhat disturbing though when she walked into the bathroom while I was bathing and announced she was awake and wanted to watch Spongebob.  The kid usually knocks, but she just woke up and was less than coherent.  She was up at 5:30.

Just started the Prilosec stuff for my acid reflex to see if it works.  My stomach kept waking me last night and I ate a roll of Tums and some Zantac eventually.

I ordered an iPad mini to replace my old iPad.  I want it yesterday, but because I ordered it with cellular, I have to wait until around the 22nd.  Crap.  I should have just bought another gun and been done with it.  I’m surprised at all the accessories that are available already and I’m not talking about Apple accessories.

Larry Barker blows goats.  Larry is an investigative report for channel 13 and he has this weekly doom and gloom thing going every Thursday.  This douche comes on every day, multiple times, all week long telling of this dangerous/terror/horrid/vile thing that is being perpetrated against the citizenry of the state, but all this danger and horror can wait until Thursday as he builds suspense.  I email his boss almost every week telling him that Barker makes the station look like a pandering bunch of old ladies, but they don’t even bother replying to me anymore.

THANK GOD THAT THE ELECTION IS ALMOST OVER!  The 2 major parties have turned to the dirtiest, most vile type of electioneering I have ever seen.  Democrats and Republicans alike should be ashamed of their actions.  I hope all the liars and slanderers that have burdened us with their dreck are stricken with ass boils and sexually transmitted diseases.  This is the first election that I had honestly thought about ignoring ever, but I decided to vote for Johnson for president and just leaving the liars portion of the ballot blank.  I hate politicians.

Boy did I screw up this morning.  I got an email alert telling me that today was Beth’s birthday and I posted to the family board her birthday wishes.  Dummy!  I know it’s the 9th, but I goofed up.  Paul’s is the 5th, not Beth’s.  Oh well, shit happens.

I’m gonna start posting some things that will only be available to be seen if you log in, but that will be rare.  If you have never signed up for this site, you may wish to do so to view everything.  You don’t have to log in every day, but every week or so should be good.

Las cosas aquí

Well, Erin left for Dilia yesterday and I miss that little monster.  She got her butt in a bit of trouble yesterday before she left by lying to us and Debra about her Halloween candy.  She had a sucker before breakfast and she enlisted Debra’s aid in this.  She told her that we said it was OK.  Candy is now hidden

Yesterday saw me making a bank run to pick up $5K for the ATM.  I hate when we’re not prepared for the first of the month and the fact that it’s taken in such a lackadaisical manner just ticks me off.

While at the bank, one of the head tellers asked me if I planned to vote.  I told him that it would happen that same afternoon and I was voting Johnson.  He told me that many of the people he knows are going for Johnson and his network says that a lot of young people are going for Johnson.  We had a good talk.  Nice kid.

Well, I voted and I voted for Johnson.  Nina too.  I’m glad it’s done for me, but unfortunately I still have to listen to all the garbage that’s preceding the 6th.  After the election, we have to listen to the armchair quarterbacks telling us what we did.  We also have to listen to the loosing R or D side bitch about how we’ve destroyed the country.  Well, I have 125 hours of shows on my DVR and I’m set for TV during these trying times.

Played poker last night and lost again.  Only $20, but I did have a good time.  Thank God the heat of summer has passed and the house we play at was nice and cool.  All too often I leave the place dripping with sweat.

Did lunch with Joe and Anni yesterday.  It was a nice time and we all talked of the future.  I see big changes coming in our lives over the next couple of years.  Certain info has me wondering if we will stay here after the business sells.

I’ve joked elsewhere about buying Polly’s place and opening a coffee shop across the street from La Risa, and I mentioned it at lunch yesterday.  Anni thought it would be a great idea and told me she’d love to bake for me.  Once again, I am joking!  We all thought it would be fun to drive La Risa out of business though.

Coke is here and I need to write a check.  Later everyone.


  • Today is Wednesday. Happy Humpday everyone.
  • Erin and I will be at Burger King in Las Vegas, NM late this morning. Any of you that wishes to join us, lunch is on me.
  • Tomorrow the sperm donor will be here to pick her up for the weekend. We had her for about 10 days now and I think Tori needs a break from the energizer kid.
  • Gonna start being cold according to the weather liars. Starting tomorrow we should see some freezing temperatures overnight for a few days. Daytime temps will be in the 50’s. Perfect weather in my opinion.
  • Nina and I are planning a February vacation in Chicago for next year. We figure on doing a downtown hotel for 2 nights and then staying at Casa de Beppe for the rest of the trip. We will be meeting with Marylou and possibly the lawyer about her estate. Nina is the executor for her aunt.
  • Will probably meet with other members of her family while there too.
  • You all know that you don’t have to reserve a spot at Burger King, just show up, right?
  • I really hate Sam’s Club and Walmart. Just saying.
  • If we sell this place I want to open a coffee shop across the street for the local restaurant because they annoy me. Nina says no.
  • Once again the Kennedy family has been stinking up the news programs and I have to ask; Does anyone really care about that cesspool of a family?
  • While I like my doctor, I really am not a fan of the profession. Watching the news this morning and I see that some are charging $12.50 for making copies. Crooks. My doctor is a former prison doctor.
  • OK, the Jimmy Hoffa post.  There’s a guy that spends some Sunday nights in my parking lot.  I checked on him last Sunday and he got a bit bitchy with me and when I asked him who he was, he said Jimmy Hoffa.
  • Dat’s it for now.