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Tommy Lee Jones bought gas from us today.  He and Hillary Swank are filming in the area and are now scouting locations.  No clue what they are filming, don’t care really.


General info and driving.

Yesterday we did some banking for ML.  We were told by her and her lawyer that BoA had 2 accounts of hers.  Wrong.  There were 5 accounts, 2 savings and 3 CD’s, all of which matured in January.  We removed the CD money from BoA and today will deposit that in her new account at our bank.  This will give her adequate monies to keep her at Vida for a minimum of 6 months.  For all the banks and accounts she has, I find it weird that only one account is a checking account.

I’m curious if in the course of moving things here if we find more forgotten bank accounts at the other banks.  Strange life that women lived.

In the course of things yesterday, I was forced to do a bit of driving.  Just about 200 miles, but I got to tell you, all this driving is starting to wear on me.  Not as much fun as it used to be.

I hope to hit the trails today.  Take care and have a great day.



Yesterday was a strange day in general.  Until we got the Fitbits, we’d never know how busy we were chasing the dream, but now I know that I made 21 trips up and down the stairs.  It’s making me exhausted just typing about it.  Erin was not at her peak health status, so I was caring for her and once Julie was gone, I was watching Shirley too.  There was nothing really notable that I can mention, but it was just a strange day.

Maybe today will be more exciting.  Later.


Power Outage 2.0

Yep, another power outage on Saturday.  Tori was alone with Shirley and she reported that Shirley did not turn into a vampire or werewolf during this outage.  I did hear from Joe, Arrow’s Ridge, that his power was out too.  I have not heard back from him and I’m unsure of vampires and werewolves in his area.  Stay tuned for further details about Joe and if he survived.




And conservatives are criticized for not wanting to fund this type of person.  Liberals seem to feel that this is OK and we need to continue to help this mindset.  I’m sorry, this person needs to be sterilized.  Her kids need to be put up for adoption.

Liberal friends, please take note, I said sterilized, not killed.  She can still live, she just can’t be allowed to breed anymore.  Now take a breath and actually think about what you saw on the video and not what you read here.


Great. No Coffee.

Our K-Cup thingy went to shit.  Keep flashing a “Not Ready” warning and I can’t clear it.  I’ve unplugged it, plugged it back in and still get the same warning.  I can’t turn it off with the switch, it keeps flashing the warning.  Stupid machine.  We have shitty luck with coffee makers.

Nina and I were planning to take the day off today, but now that Nina has had no coffee, I’m not sure if that is still the plan.  We may have to buy a new coffee maker and go to Denver or Albuquerque to do so.  Coffee is life.


1 month down, 11 to go before 2013 circles the rim.

It seems strange that the first month of 2013 has made it to the crapper already.  Not sure if time is flying in spite of or because of all the shit that’s happened in our lives in January, but flying by it is.

There’s a stark difference between Vida Encantada and Resurrection Health Care in the care and fixing of ML.  IL called us every time she farted, burped, or complained, but NM has been dead silent.  No calls, no emails. NADA.  Nice.

Erin left while I was in Santa Fe and Nina ran into Belle, Will & Erin at WalMart and Erin was all over Nina and dragged her to the restroom.  I’m thinking that she is getting tired of bouncing back and forth between homes.  She tells me, in whispers, that she doesn’t want to leave, but last time we picked her up from Dilia, she fought the transfer to us.

Poker, or Texas Hold-Em, last night was interesting.  Curt, our host, called for the no limit night of Texas Hold-Em because he gets a tiny woody playing that game.  While I lost a few buck, I managed to win most of the memorable hands.  I brought $40 and came home with most of that still intact.  Attending was Curt, Joe, Dan, Gregory, and myself.  A couple of the regulars chose not to attend because they felt the game and the no limit nature of betting would remove the friendly feeling of the game.  They were wrong.  The usual banter and insults toward Gregory (a.k.a. Jiminy) were still in place.  All in all, a good evening.

I keep seeing ads for Viking River Cruises and they are striking me as an interesting way to travel.  Not now, but after we get rid of this place I may take Nina on an extended river cruise somewhere.

My sense of days is screwed up.  I know it’s Friday, but I’m feeling Saturday today.  I really hate this feeling.  It shouldn’t matter because we have a 7 day business, but it still sucks.

I think teachers should be allowed to manhandle students when they act up in class. In Alb. they suspended a teacher for physically seating a student that was disrupting the class.  I don’t think hitting should be allowed though, definitely no punching, especially in the face.  Maybe some shaking, but I’ll have to study up on that and get back to you.

Have a great day.



  • It’s Thursday, so Erin leaves us.  Poor me, I miss her when she’s gone.
  • Day 2 of peace on earth.  No word from the east.  Yay!
  • May head to Chicago again late February.  Not sure yet.
  • I ordered 2 Fitbits, 1 for me & 1 for Nina.  Got to get fit ya know.
  • If you don’t know what a fitbit is, Google it.
  • Poker tonight.  Gonna be a different game tonight.  Curt wants a no limit Texas Hold-Em tourney for some reason.  I’m bringing $40 and nothing else.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the evening lasts less than an hour.  All it takes is one or two of us to go all in to wipe out the others.
  • I managed to post here daily for the entire month.  I hope it was worth the read.