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A little over 2 years ago I bought my dream vehicle, the 4 door Jeep Wrangler.  It was brand new, bone stock, and very nice.  I dabbled with a Wrangler once before, but it was a used P.O.S. and I dumped it shortly after I bought it.  The 4 door caught my eye immediately, but I was driving and depending on my F-250 and knew that it would not work for me.  Changes happened and Erin appeared and the 4 door was all of a sudden practical.  I just turned 100,000 miles on it and I still love the Wrangler.

While I thing the above picture is pretty cool, I think the following one is cooler looking.  My opinion and it’s silly, but who cares.

The Jeep is still mostly stock, especially when you know of the modifications that are out there for Jeeps.  I added a 2.5 inch lift, smaller wheels with larger tires, and a super heavy duty bumper that a friend made for me.  The only real necessity was the bumper, I crushed the stock bumper driving through some brush one day.  Stupid plastic crap.  The lift and tires make it slightly better off road when it comes to gullies, logs, boulders, andsteps.


Dogs in the City

Huh?  What the heck is that?  Turns out to be a show about . . . ready for this . . .  dogs in the city.  A dog whisperer type of show at PRIME TIME during the week.  Cable was originally designed to take this type of crap off of the majors and free it up for quality programing.  I know people think their pets are God’s gift to the world, Beth, but prime time network space being taken up by a stupid dog show?  When scraping the bottom of the barrel people, watch for slivers.

Mobile Web Use

I was playing with my iPhone this evening and I decided to bring up this site on the phone’s browser.  I was amazed at how clear and readable the site was from my phone.  I did need to turn it sideways for the easiest reading, but I was pleased.

I then checked the business site and found it was fairly easy to read too.  I generated the above code for my business site and all you need to do is scan it with the camera on your phone or tablet if you have an app that reads it.  The app is free usually and will also generate the codes.  The codes are everywhere nowadays.

Shirley Info

She’s less than helpful in her care.  The home care worker never showed yesterday and again this morning.  Called the agency and they’re sending a different person.  She refuses to talk to Nina but she talks to me and Andy.


Strange thing has happened recently.  The Optic has a story about the Plaza Hotel being foreclosed upon in the very near future.  The Plaza has been sorta “the” hotel in Las Vegas.  Wid Slick, the owner, is the only one that the bank will be letting go when they take over the property.  They plan on putting in a receiver manager.  Should be interesting.

The strange part for me is the owner, Wid, is a person that comes before me on the Lodger’s Tax Advisory Board (LTAB) for monies for advertising much of the lodging properties, including his.  He also come to the meals at the B&B frequently and he considers us friends.  Now I don’t vote on friend’s applications for LTAB funds and I vote on all of Wid’s requests.  He is an acquaintance and that’s about it.  He made a presentation before the board last week even.

I’m wondering how this will affect his applications, his position in town, and whether he’ll even stay around.  I also have other questions, but they’re better left unsaid.

I guess the liberal claims of an improving economy is not really happening.

ATV ride with Erin

Erin and I took a ride today up to Arrow’s Ridge to see the colts.  They have 2 new baby horses up there and Erin wants one and by the next visit I’m sure that she’ll have laid claim to one of them.  I attached my GoPro camera to my ATV and took some pictures, 677 pictures at one every five seconds, while traveling there.

I enjoy using that camera when off-road, but naturally you have to cull the bad from all those pictures.  Using it off road does have a tendency to produce some wavy looking ripples at the bottom of some shots.  I got rid of about 500 pictures that were flawed or of limited interest.

Between the B & B and the corals where we found the horses, we saw 2 rattlesnakes and one took exception to our presence and coiled and lashed out at the ATV.  It hit a tire I think, but it may have missed.  The tire still has air and I’ve heard of them causing flats when they strike a tire.

On the return trip, Erin fell asleep on the ATV.  She sits in front of me and I do travel pretty slow when she’s on it with me, but falling asleep?  That kid is serious about her naps!

Gonzales Ranch and Leyba

Erin and I went for a drive and walk today.  The cliff face shown is about halfway between the drug village of Gonzales Ranch and the town of Leyba.  While it sounds terrible that I would take my granddaughter to that area, I need to remind you that these same people are our customers and most fear me to some degree.  I was also packing, something that I do more and more lately.  Still no CCW though.

Erin also likes me to take cell phone pictures of her whenever we’re out and about.  Yesterday she was clambering over the boulders near the street before we went and played hide and seek in the park & ride lot.

Today she was in tears over the fact that she had to leave us.  I hate it when she leaves.