I will no longer be posting here about ML, other than a post tomorrow about what happened today.  She’ll be leaving our house soon and heading to a nursing home.  It is her decision and I agree with her after 2 nights with her.

I’m very tired of her games and I’d rather not burden you all with tales of a cranky old lady that is seriously lacking in social graces when it comes to family.  People told me that taking her in was a mistake and they were right and I was wrong.


Marylou day 2.65? Maybe?

OK, ML was complaining that her back was even worse than normal.  I gave her half a Percocet that I had laying around for some reason.  Didn’t help.  She demanded to go to the hospital, I called 911.  She is now on the way to the hospital.  Nina is following her.

The ambulance people were asking her questions and she’s screaming at them telling them she’s 85, which she isn’t, and complaining that they should just take her NOW.  Where does she get this entitled attitude?

Oh well.  Check back here for updates.


I doubt she’ll make it here past day 6.

Wow, things turn to shit quickly with Marylou.  She went from grateful to spiteful in under 3 days.  The pity party is huge.  She wants to die every 15 minutes and last night was a nightmare.  She’d keep yelling for help and Nina would have to reposition her in bed or give her water or some such shit.

Monday we’ll be heading to Vida Encantada to check on space availability there.  That’s where Shirley was when she was in a home.  At least it’s closer than any place in Chicago.  I hope we can place her there by wednesday latest.

I was so proud of Nina last night.  She was putting ML to bed and she ripped into her about her attitude and her whininess in general.  She gave her 5 minutes of it and ML apologized to Nina.

I was typing this when I heard “water.  water.  water.” coming from her room.  Walked in and gave her some and then left.  No words were spoken, no thank you.  What a nasty woman.

People told me that she would not be nice and I didn’t believe them.  I was wrong and you all were right.  She seemed so helpless and contrite during my visits to her prior to her coming here.  She fooled me.  Vile people don’t change.

We tried.


Marylou, day 2

As things happen with her daily I will add to the day’s post to update you all.  At least those that care.

Last night she woke up around 11:30 screaming for help.  She had to go #1.  Nina dealt with that is her normal, unflappable way.  I have no clue about the details and I’m sure that you’d rather not read them.

She woke up around 7:30 and Nina got her up and ready for her day.

When I got up today, several hours earlier than both of them, I rearranged the furniture to make room for the second wheelchair.  When Nina finally wheeled ML into the room, she noticed the changes right away and told me that us taking her in may have been a mistake because she’s causing us to upset our whole household for her.  I told her that any upset is a one time thing and that we’ll deal with things this week and then things will settle down.

She then told me that if we feel she’s too much of a burden, we should just place her back in a home like the one in Illinois.  WTF!?  I could have found a nicer place in Illinois and placed her there and it would have been easier.  The place where Dick is maybe?  Saratoga?  Oh well.


Well, there’s been a change sorta.  She can’t sit in her wheelchair for long periods of time.  There’s no support for her neck and head and that bothers her.  We’ve moved her to chair that offers her the support she needs and she appears happier.  This old person is very high maintenance compared to the other old person we have.  We’re thinking of making a trade, but we have to research that further.

Newer Yet!

Now ML has decided that she wants to go back to the home in Chicago.  She felt more comfortable there and she feels like she’s a burden to us.  Oh yeah, she wants to die, still.  This woman is very depressed.

Check back later, maybe there’ll be an update.



Hey! I won last night.

I won $17 last night at the weekly nickel/dime game at Curt’s house.  I did Joe more than a few nasties last night, taking pots from him while he was holding 4 of a kind, straight flushes, and the like.  I got the cards last night and while he did too, I got better cards.

It was also nice that Jiminy didn’t show up.  Nice guy, but he’s annoying, at least to me.  I was also glad that Ted never showed.  Good guy, but everytime he shows, my luck circles the rim.


Day 1 with Marylou

  • It was a pretty easy thing with the exception of having to take her to the doctor.  Getting her up and down the stairs is a pain in the ass.  Luckily John, a.k.a. Buddah, was here to help me both up and down the stairs.
  • She’s talkative compared to Shirley.  She keeps telling me; family history, how much she likes Christina, and how she worries that Shirley doesn’t want her there.  All shit that I’ve heard about way to much.
  • She prefers to be in bed more than Shirley.  Works for me.
  • She eats more and better than Shirley.
  • All in all it’s not terrible.  All in all it’s still new.  All in all it’s not great.
  • She has told me at least 3 times that she wishes she had died.  She keeps that up and I’ll tell her how to end it.
  • More later.



Long day yesterday, probably today too.

It was a long day yesterday and I did a lot of driving, around 300 miles.

Marylou is here.  She’s very grateful to us for taking her in, but I wonder if that gratitude will hold, and if it does we’ll do just fine.  Mom, thanks for all your help during this trip and your generosity with the earlier trips.  Staying with you made this possible and being with you, when not working on ML’s condo, made it fun.

This is the first time in about 16 years that these two have seen each other.  While it started with excitement, that faded quickly.  Seconds before I took the picture, they were holding hands.  It's like they KNEW I was taking the pic.
This is the first time in about 16 years that these two have seen each other. While it started with excitement, that faded quickly. Seconds before I took the picture, they were holding hands. It’s like they KNEW I was taking the pic.

I’ll keep you all updated here about what happens, how they feel about each other, and other general b.s.

The Garbage Bag Kid
The Garbage Bag Kid~~Yesterday she was prancing around in a garbage bag like it was a fine gown. There’s no accounting for taste in the junior fashion industry.


She fell asleep while waiting for me to take her to Alb.
She fell asleep while waiting for me to take her to Alb.


Canada vs. Mexico

So today is the day that Nina returns home with our newest old person.  Marylou will join Shirley in our version of the old people’s home.  Instead of them sitting by the nurse’s station with all the other old people, they will be sitting in their wheelchairs near me watching, or at least listening, to the TV.

Speaking of TV. . . .why are TV lawyers all very good looking and real life lawyers are less than good looking?  Well, maybe that’s a broad statement, but since my focus is mainly here in New Mexico I can narrow the question to NM lawyers.  Yes, I’m sitting here watching the news again and there was a double up of lawyers on 2 new stories and they showed 4 of the ugliest lawyers I have ever seen on TV.  3 guys and 1 lady.

It’s supposed to be in the 70’s today.  Damned winter weather!  When will it let up!  Hey, the weather liar said tomorrow and the next day should be the same, but the weekend is supposed to get cold again.

Crap.  They’re talking about political races again on TV.  Why can’t these scum give us a break on this garbage?  Politicians should be limited to a 60 day period before an election to politick us poor saps and they should be given a 3 day period afterwards to say thanks to the idiots that elected them.  Then they should just shut up.  Just my opinion.

Erin and I had a fight this morning.  Well, more of a disagreement.  This happened around 5 a.m. and I sent her to her mother’s room to sulk.  Why should my morning be ruined while her mother sleeps, right?

Canada vs. Mexico?  Your thoughts?


Yesterday and Today

  • Here I sit, bored to death, watching Shirley bob her head and drool and eat.  Eat your heart out everyone, my life ROCKS.
  • I do have dinner plans this evening though.  Going to dinner with Joe and Dennis at el Rialto in Las Vegas.  A guy’s night out!  Since I’m the only one of the 3 that drinks, I probably should drive, right?  Right?
  • Tori talks fast.  Real fast.
  • Erin wants to visit Old Beppe, a.k.a. Mom.  She wants her to come live with us like GiGi and MiMi.  (Don’t ask)
  • I think this summer I’m gonna bring Erin to Michigan.  I think she’s ready to go back there with me.
  • Found something cool on this blog program.  On the calendar you can hover over the date a little box opens telling you the title of what I posted.  If it is a public post you can open and read it.  If it’s a private post, too bad.
  • At BK in Alb yesterday, Erin played and I talked to another grandparent.  We spent almost 2 hours there.
  • Nina left me yesterday.  I’m devastated.  She returns tomorrow so I’ll be happy again.
  • If things go well with ML moving in and we’re looking for additional help to ensure that it does, Nina and I are talking about London or Amsterdam or both in May.  Just a pipe-dream at this point, but who knows.  We are close to the miles needed for 2 free tickets and should be where we need to be by April.
  • Shirley talked to me this morning when I asked her if she was ready to get out of bed.  Nothing since.  *Cue the Twilight Zone theme song*
  • One of ML’s banks sent Nina a letter requiring documents that aren’t possible to generate.  Address verification shit that is complicated by the fact that the county gives us one address and the USPS gives us another one.  Dumbasses.  Government should be banned.
  • Only 2.5 hours until I leave and go to dinner.
  • Long day tomorrow.  Meeting in Las Vegas for the tourism committee and then a presentation from the state tourism board.  From there I head to Alb. to pick up Nina and ML.  Busy day and lots of driving.
  • I’m having trouble finding the new S & W’s I was looking for.  Oh well, they will show up eventually.
  • 65° outside now.  This is more normal for us than the stinking cold we’ve been having this year, and last year, and I think the previous year.  I’m feeling the cold more lately.
  • Have a great day.


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