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More General B.S. From The Source

  • Erin is a demanding task master.  Yesterday we went to BK, 2 days earlier than normal and after that we had to go rock climbing.  See pictures below.  When she came home on Sunday, I got such a hug from her I think she damaged my larynx just a little.  This happened at Arrow’s Ridge.
  • Our moth problem has mostly been taken care of by the bats.  The first night I noticed them I was standing on the deck, enjoying the cool night, when a bat swooped by my face and grabbed a moth just a foot or two from my chest.  The bats fascinate me with their aerial agility.  Turns are tight and instantaneous, and usually result in a moth.
  • Pilates today.  Last week Colleen had us on bolsters and it felt like my spine was removed when I got off mine.  It actually felt pretty good.  I am feeling more limber and feel that there is a true benefit to me by taking this class.  I may move up to 2 times a week later this year.
  • Reading “A Thief’s Tour of Amsterdam”  and really enjoying it.  I found out that it’s a series and I’ll read the earlier books later on.  I’ll download them to my Kindle as soon as I find them though.  Did I mention that I got a free Kindle?  Well, I did.
  • I have the second of ? Lodger’s Tax Advisory Board meetings for the fiscal year of 12/13.  The first one was a bust because of the EA for the county manager.  She screwed up the dates to several people and in the process the entire meeting was a waste of time. We usually have about 3 meetings a year, but I think that this year will be quite a few more.  I plan on asking our board to join with the city board in awarding monies in the future to make funding for the area more efficient and eliminate overlaps.  I’m sure there will be mucho discussion about this.   Today we need to replace a member that quit too.  Finding new members for the board is very difficult and sometimes takes 6 months.  Unpaid position and you have to buy your own lunch at the meetings.  Maybe I’ll submit an RFP requesting that our funds also pay for our lunch.
  • Enjoy the Erin pictures!

BATS, they’re BACK!

We’ve finally got our bats back.  With this spring’s unusual moth problem, I’ve been wondering where my bats were and tonight I saw them finally.  They would swoop in, close to the large pine out front, and the moths would swarm out of the tree and there’d be a feeding frenzy.  Best guess was about 30 bats working the area.  A few more nights of this and the moth problem will be no more.

Brand New Website.

It’s been many years since I’ve updated my business site, so I finally got around to it using the same basic template system as I use for this site.  While WordPress is mostly used as a blogging tool, it also can be used as a regular website just as easily.

I’m still fine tuning the site but you can look at it HERE.  I hope to have it live no later than Monday of next week.  Best thing about WordPress?  It’s free.

Bernal Unit~Santa Fe National Forest

Nina and I went Jeeping in the National Forest yesterday.  Below are the pictures I took while there.  Not too many.

Shirley is home.  Sitting in the kitchen looking at the table while sitting in her wheelchair.  I’m kinda wondering why neither Nina or her care worker are just letting her sit like that.  Oh well, I’ll move her shortly.

Another day, another pain (in the ass that is.)

Moths.  Freaking moths are driving us stupid lately.  Some foreign invading butt munching species that seems to become more invasive during times of drought.  I’m guestimating that I’ve killed over 100 of the little bastards, either by swatter or by hand.  That number doesn’t include the various insect traps we have in the house and business to keep the place bug free.

Udder stuff

Erin is in Dilia again and while I wasn’t here when she left, I heard that she was less than happy to leave.  She’s been very much my girl lately.  We spend a great deal of time together and we have a great time when we are together.   I’ve got this serious problem with her though, she has WAY more energy than I do and she wears me down by 3 or 4 in the afternoon.  Wednesday we spent at Bandolier National

The above pictures were taken at Bandolier on Wed. May 2, 2012.

Erin and I

Erin returned home yesterday.  She was filthy and dressed like someone from the “people of WalMart” website.  I don’t know why those people feel that dressing her like a 45 year old dumpy woman is a great idea, unless they’re trying to dress her like her grandmother there.  She dresses like shit.

Erin has been with me all day.  Started off at the bank and then we met Nina for breakfast.  The 3 of us had a nice breakfast at Charlie’s Spic & Span in Las Vegas.  After that Nina went to WM and to visit with Shirley.  While there, she felt the need to yell at the care givers about not sending her the info she requested.  (She don’t yell at people.  If they deserve yelling at she brings me.)  Shirley is set to return home on May 7.

After leaving Vegas, Erin and I went to the Pecos National Monument for a little walk.  Erin loves the museum there and she walked me around the place showing me all the items there that she likes.  She also showed me the gun because “you like guns Pake, look at this one.”  Walking the ruins trail she always asks questions about them and today’s questions were about dead people.  She was wondering where all the people that died were kept.  The fact is that they threw the corpses of their dead in the trash heaps outside the pueblo walls, but I told her that the dead people were buried near the church.  She saw the guide plaques and told me that dead people were buried there.  Who am I do disagree with such a cute little expert.

I just came back from the store and Erin’s downstairs riding her horse around the store.  Man she’s loud.  Running around the store, holding her hands like she was holding reigns and bellowing “GIDDY-UP HORSIE!” at full volume.  The customers are laughing at us, her riding the “horse” and me telling her to take the “horse” outside so it doesn’t poop in the store.  I was talking to one of the people that considers themselves Erin’s grandmother about the dead people talk at the monument.  Some old guy getting coffee thought that was great.

Just some stuff. . .

Watching the news as I write this.  The president feels it’s cool to to some banquet and hurl  insults and jokes at America during one of the worst economies in history drags on and on and on.  Great work you dumb bastard.  Anyone think that Obama using the Osama assassination as a campaign ploy is a good idea?

Last week was busy.  Meetings with the county and city were a mixed bag of nuts.  Ebeny, yes that is her name, screwed up the dates of the Lodger’s Tax Advisory Board meeting and I was basically the only member of the board at the meeting.  Needless to say there was not a quorum.  My meeting with the city was as the behest of the county manager.  It may be that the 2 lodger’s boards, city and county, may combine to provide more effective advertising for the area.  Both entities will benefit from enhanced advertising and combining the efforts will bring us more exposure.  Should be an interesting year.

I met a woman last week that was complaining about the lack of public coverage for health care and in the course of conversations she mentioned that she was currently uninsured.  I felt bad for her until she told me that she had a hard enough time paying for her pet insurance policy and that adding a policy for herself was just not possible at this time.  PET INSURANCE?  More important than insuring yourself?  What a dumb ass.  I told her that people as dumb as she is shouldn’t be allowed to own pets.  I really need to quit talking to people at Starbucks, it seldom turns out well.