The No Reason Ride

So I took a little ride today. It was only 275 miles and while I had no real destination, I planned on stopping at anything that looked somewhat photogenic. As you can see, there are many things to see on New Mexico’s backroads. Leaving my place, I headed south on NM Route 3 to Encino. The first time Nina and I made this trip, the hotel was still open and for sale. 22 years have been pretty hard on that place.

I had breakfast at Penny’s Diner on NM Route 60. Killer omelet was made by Jodie! I killed 45 minutes there chatting with some of the locals before continuing east on Rt. 60. 60 is not a very pretty route but it does have some items of interest. While not a ghost town, Yeso is a near ghost with only a few buildings occupied.

I realized that continuing on 60 was the long way home, but I figured “what the hell” and kept on heading east. I turned north at Ft. Sumner after taking a picture at the Billy the Kid Museum. While cruising north, I started to wonder if NM Route 84 was the route that had that old sign from a defunct restaurant. It turns out that it was and that would be the last picture in the set below. I took 84 to I-25 and 25 home.

Nice Ride!

The ghost tree on Route 3.
Pulled over over I-40 to add some layers. It was cold in the morning!
This road is 12 miles of very straight fun!
When I travel, I only stay in the very best available lodgings!
This fine business in Yeso NM offers “Super Service” and “Drive In”. What more can you ask for?
Cultural attractions are numerous in rural NM. This museum and antique shop is a treasure trove of culture.
A true gem of a museum.
Not sure.
Boy, did I screw up. I never planned on hitting Fort Sumner on this ride. You gotta visit this museum, it’s better than the other one on this page!
A sign for a defunct restaurant on NM Route 84, just north of Ft. Sumner.

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