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And it starts!

Today we leave for vacation.  I plan on posting pictures and narrative of our trip here.  I hope you enjoy my posts.  Click on the London tab above to follow us.

Shirley and ML are together in a room at Vida.  Should be an interesting 10 days for both of them.


Crappy Products!

After 20 + years, the switch in our bedroom fan went south and died.  Just the light switch, but it was our main source of light in the bedroom.  To be fair, I think the blame should fall on a certain short person that lives in our home.  I’m not gonna name names, but SHE is a fairly recent addition to our home in the past 4+ years.  She is very hard on pull chains.  I replaced the broken switch, even though while buying the switch I was tempted by the newer and fancier fans at Lowe’s.  I’m holding out for Dennis to offer me the fan that currently resides in his living room.  (HINT, HINT)  It has a fishing theme.

Sounds like Beth and Nancy are having a great time on their European cruise.  The pictures they share are nice, but small and few in numbers.  I promise that I will not cheap out in the number of pictures from our trip.  They will be thumbnails, but if you click on them you can see a full sized version of the picture.  Tori and Debra also were very stingy with posting pictures of the Florida trip.  What’s up with you people?  You don’t get charged for posting pictures!

Well, we are looking at days before we leave , not weeks anymore.  This will be our longest trip abroad to date and most likely the last trip to London for a while.  I’m shooting for the continent for our next visits the Europe.  Amsterdam and the Netherlands could be next.  Thanks to our air miles from business purchases, overseas travel is cheaper than staying here.

Right now we’re also talking about Moab in July or Ouray in August.  One, not both.  Moab is free of snow anytime from May on, but Ouray can still have closed trails throughout July.  Ouray is our favorite, but Moab offers more of a challenge off-road.  I know you’re having a hard time with my indecision, but I’ll let you know as soon as I know what our plans will be.

Erin is gone.  I can’t wait to see her on Sunday and I may  even offer to pick her up in Dilia for Tori.  May.  I’ll only be able to see her Sunday and Monday since we leave on Tuesday.  She amazes me every day with her vocabulary and perception.  She also spends way too much time with me because I’m noticing that she’s picking up my sarcastic nature and smart-assed comebacks.  Rotten kid is too smart for my own good!  She’s quick.

Well, have a great weekend everyone!  Peas.

Stand at attention for General Shit!

Well, I’ve been remiss about posting here.  I know how much you all hate when I don’t post, but I’m back.

Another short trip to Illinois is behind me.  I went east to attend the memorial service for Uncle Harry.  It was great seeing so many of the family and I got a chance to talk to them all briefly.  Uncle Harry was a very popular man, he filled the church with family and friends.  The service was very moving and not at all preachy.  Family members talked about Uncle Harry and spoke of life with Harry.  It was nice.

Nan and I did dinner the night before the memorial.  We spent 3 hours together and had a great time.  Even though we seldom speak, it’s like we were never apart when we see each other.  We walked the Yorktown Mall after dinner at Claim Jumpers.  Nice enough restaurant, but we were hoping for a quieter place.

Lunch with Joe, Steven and Dennis yesterday was an informative event.  Lots of tales that I dare not post here for obvious reasons.  As usual, I was a font of great ideas for both Joe and Dennis, ideas that both wisely chose to ignore.

Less than a week before we leave for London.  Shirley goes to Vida to make the trip easier on Tori and Andy.  She’s not happy about it but I told her it’s only for the time we’re gone.  For those of you that care to contact me while I’m gone, my London # will be posted here as soon as I have it.  Please take time differences in account when calling if you don’t want me calling you when you’re sleeping.  You know I’ll do it.

Tori and Debra are back from Disney.  Interesting trip I guess.  No other comments to be made by me.

Erin leaves me today and returns to the other people.  3 Erin pics for you.  The first is a cell phone pic of her and I while we fight for possession of my phone.  The other 2 are of her preaching to me from our on site pulpit.  We either preach to each other or sing to each other from that thing.

IMG_0695       IMG_0711     IMG_0713

This morning I will be taking my Jeep in for its first service.  I haven’t even had this thing for 2 weeks and I’ve pushed it past 4100 miles.  Zeke’s comment when I scheduled the service was, “Already!”


I’m really enjoying this Jeep, but then I also enjoyed my last one.  I took it for a back country ride the other day and outbound I had the sway bar connected while inbound I disconnected it.  Much nicer ride with it disconnected.  I have yet to test the lockers and I hope I never need them while off-roading.  I will be in deep shit if that happens, but better to have and not need than to need and not have.

Peace Peoples!

In Illinois Again

Well, Uncle Harry died and his memorial is today.   Nicest guy you could know.

Tomorrow I head home after breakfast with the brothers.  Beth is in the Netherlands, so while I probably would have excluded her anyway, I didn’t have to tell her to miss this meal.  Should be an interesting breakfast.

Many calls from the home front this trip, not necessarily from Nina.

Tori is out in Florida trying to find a new boyfriend and while I find it strange that she’s doing this at Disneyland I wholly support her effort to find happiness, even if it’s a talking mouse or some other critter.

I saw Kleyweg today.  He looked good standing in the ghetto, almost natural.  He held out his hand and I gave him $20.  It was only after I had driven away that I realized he wanted to shake hands and wasn’t panhandling.  Don, you owe me $20 you ugly thing.

Visited with Archie today too.  Damn, I’ve been busy!  We had a nice chat.  She’s amazed at Nina.  Not going to tell you why.  It’s more fun that way.

Well, I have to wash the ghetto/Kleyweg smell off of me and change to go to the memorial.  Looking forward to seeing all the people and regretting that it takes someone dying to bring them together.  Such is life.