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Watching the news as I write this.  The president feels it’s cool to to some banquet and hurl  insults and jokes at America during one of the worst economies in history drags on and on and on.  Great work you dumb bastard.  Anyone think that Obama using the Osama assassination as a campaign ploy is a good idea?

Last week was busy.  Meetings with the county and city were a mixed bag of nuts.  Ebeny, yes that is her name, screwed up the dates of the Lodger’s Tax Advisory Board meeting and I was basically the only member of the board at the meeting.  Needless to say there was not a quorum.  My meeting with the city was as the behest of the county manager.  It may be that the 2 lodger’s boards, city and county, may combine to provide more effective advertising for the area.  Both entities will benefit from enhanced advertising and combining the efforts will bring us more exposure.  Should be an interesting year.

I met a woman last week that was complaining about the lack of public coverage for health care and in the course of conversations she mentioned that she was currently uninsured.  I felt bad for her until she told me that she had a hard enough time paying for her pet insurance policy and that adding a policy for herself was just not possible at this time.  PET INSURANCE?  More important than insuring yourself?  What a dumb ass.  I told her that people as dumb as she is shouldn’t be allowed to own pets.  I really need to quit talking to people at Starbucks, it seldom turns out well.

I’m running, I’m running, I’m running

Took Erin to the park for my walk yesterday.  Dennis and I were exhausted just watching her.  She’d run past us, then stop and examine something, then run past us, and stop again.  Every time she ran by us we’d hear her chanting “I’m running, I’m running, I’m running…..”  Her energy is endless.  After the walk we went to lunch at Casa de Herrarra’s family restaurant and bar, a family favorite for many years.  I had the meat loaf.  Jerry and JoAnne have a nice thing going there.  Jerry and his brother own the place and the brother runs the bar and Jerry and JoAnne run the restaurant.  Family only works there.

Today Tori is going to the doctor so I have Erin for the day.  Tori uses the same former prison doctor that I use Beth, in case you need another reference than me.  We’re doing BK again from sure and then we’re heading to, Wagon Mound I think.  Since she loved the Pecos National Monument, I’m gonna see how she likes Fort Union.  BK has updated their menu and I find it much less offensive to eat there than I have in the past.  The salad there is nice and they have a large dressing selection.  Last time there I tried the chicken wrap and found it a lot easier to live with than the chicken nuggets.

Pilates is still interesting, but we’re changing our time of going from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m.  It works with our schedule better than the evening.  Last week I felt like Colleen was trying to cripple me for life.  We were using these very large, soft balls and I woke up with a very sore back the next day.  Last night I was straining during some of the exercises, but I woke up fine, no pain, this morning.  Go figure.  Did I tell you that Nina is going now too?

Because of P.P.P. on Nina’s part, we had to cancel our trip east that we were supposed to be on right now.  I know Nina, it was mainly poor intel that you received that caused the problem, but it’s more fun for me to blame piss poor planning.  Sorry Babe.  It is just as well that we didn’t make the trip.  We would have traveled through all that horrid weather in the midwest that caused all sorts of damage.  Karma in play?  Who knows, who cares, I’m just glad that I wasn’t driving in it when it happened.

Later everyone.


There was a single car accident on I-25 about 2 miles from me.  Since they were using my chainsaw to cut the dummy out of the trees, I decided that entitled me to take pictures of the wreck.

As always, click on an image to see it full size.  Once you have one open, click on the big image to advance through the rest.  There’s only 7 pics and the files are small, so it should go fast.


  1. I am so freaking tired of the wind I would love to never experience it again.
  2. Erin returns today.  Sunday 4/15/12
  3. April 17, 1953.
  4. Went to The Outdoorsman in Santa Fe Thursday and saw the new S&W .380 with laser sights. What a sweet little piece.  Didn’t buy it.
  5. Yet.
  6. Tomorrow I’ve got a ton of paperwork to fill in, get notarized, and mail to the proper agencies.  I hate doing this crap, but it’s necessary.  One of the paperwork sets is Blue Cross/Blue Shield’s replacement insurance.   Going to apply with Presbyterian Health for approximately half the cost of BC/BS.  5 people insured for less than 4, does that make sense?
  7. The wind has turned the skies brown-grey wit dust again.  I’m sure that breathing this junk is very healthy.  Can’t see parts of the mesa across the interstate because of the dust in the air.
  8. Any on you want to buy a very cool .45?  Only a grand.  $950.00 for a family member.
  9. The local projects, which have been vacant for many years now, are being sold and the buyers are wanting to make it commercial space, rental space, and a day care business.  I would think that this is bad thing for my business, but since the people doing this are locals, I’m pretty sure it’ll die a horrid death in under 6 months.  Talks of grant monies and private donations have a tendency to bring out the jackal in my neighbors. Should be a fun watch.
  10. Anyone want to buy owl food?  We have 2 of the chihuahua types of owl food.  We can send them to you and how you process the food is up to you.  I think for smaller owls you’ll need to kill and cut them to smaller pieces, but it’s up to you.
  11. COPS, society at its finest.  I can’t believe that people agree to have the footage showing their faces broadcast!  Stupid.
  12. P P P P Z

Mike Wallace? Who cares?

Mike Wallace died.  Big deal.  Just happened and already I’m tired of the adulations that all the newsy types are heaping on his carcass.  Guess what newsy types, normal people don’t care.  I pretty sure some overly liberal types think they care because that’s what liberals are supposed to do, but normal people just don’t care that some rich reporter is dead.  There’s always a flock of other newsy types to fill his still warm stinking sneakers.


Why are plates scraped into the side of the sink that has no access to the disposal?  Anybody?  I mean I post a sign  asking that the plates be scraped into the garbage and then they’re scraped into the sink, which can be good if they use the side where the disposal is, right?  No, one of the rocket scientists that live here feels that both sides of the sink are good for scraping shit into and doesn’t think about the fact that I or Nina will be picking individual pieces of corn and peas out of the basket at the bottom of the sink drain.  I blame the civil rights movement and the fact that all feel that they need to be treated equal and one of the people that lives/eats/visits here agrees with all that batshit and feels that both sides of the sink must be equal too.

I think it’s time to remove my guns from me.  I feel the need to shoot stupid when I see it.  Thanks for reading my rant.  Happy Easter.

General B.S. in the life of Glen

  • I still HATE Facebook.  I’m 99% sure that once I no longer play Scrabble with Mom I will leave that toxic site.  I really find that format to be a pain in the ass.
  • I was just offered another online job, a job that I turned down.  Once again it’s a fetish based site, but they use a Facebook type of format.  Since I REALLY hate Facebook, I found it very easy to turn this gig down.  I was then asked to recommend someone for that job and I sent them a friend’s name.  He’s active there and could use the money.  He’s also highly qualified.
  • I finally got my new monitor for my video surveillance system after 10 days.  I’m so used to ordering from Amazon and getting the product in 3 days that I missed the fact that the monitor was not included in that enhanced shipping program.  Lesson learned.
  • I also bought a new camera to fill in that open space on the system.  This camera was a wireless version of the cameras I currently use and I love it.  As long as there is an outlet nearby, it’s an easy. no-brainer install.
  • I hate dogs now.
  • I ran into a glitch with my CCW process.  Nina couldn’t find my birth certificate.  She SWORE she knew where it was.  She was wrong.  I went online and ordered 3 copies for now.  1 for the CCW permit process and 2 as back up.  I just hope Nina remembers where she puts the spares!  I anticipate no problems getting approved.  Andy has decided not to finish the process to get his permit.
  • Andy does not read this blog.  He thinks it’s stupid of me to do this.  Silly boy.
  • Weather here is still a little sketchy.  Nice one day, crappy the next.  Calm one day, windy and cold the next.  Sure makes being outside less than fun.
  • My next load of gas will probably break the $4 mark on the pumps.  I read an article that said that the public is numb to gasoline pricing and I tend to agree.  I can honestly say that the person that sees my prices and drives off is a rare bird these days.  I just updated my website fuel pricing.  I forgot for a month or so and there was a 70¢ price difference.  Oops.
  • Andy’s email account got hacked the other day.  I think he deleted that account.
  • The new employee schedules seem to be working fine and I told Jeannie that she’d be placed on that once she returns.  She was fine with it.
  • Speaking of Jeannie, her husband is back at home again.  There was a scare on his first return, his wounds became infected and he was running a high fever.  4 days in the hospital and he’s back home with some antibiotics and all seems good.  Jeannie plans on returning in around 6 weeks.  She will replace Josh on days and Josh may be looking for a new job.
  • Tori and Erin are not here right now.  Anyone know where they are?