More Info About This Site

I’ve gotten tired of the political bullshit that I’ve been posting. I have not changed my position on the left, just my thoughts about this site. I will be restructuring it in the upcoming weeks to be more about me and mine than people that piss me off

To the people that have visited this page in the past and have given me over a million hits, THANK YOU! I hope you still find something here that will bring you back on occasion. I may still post a political thing if the stupidity of it is so staggering I can’t resist.


I am a husband, father, grandfather, friend, business owner, traveller, Harley rider, citizen, patriot, gun owner, politically eclectic person of strange personal habits. I support police, trust no politicians, and can argue any side of an argument just to amuse myself. People love me or hate me and those that are in-between don't know me.