Yeso, New Mexico

Yeso, Spanish for gypsum, has only 2 residents, so it does qualify as a ghost town. It was a railroad town and gypsum was taken out via the railroad. In the first picture the building was a car dealership at one point in time.

This building used to be a hotel at one time and was later turned into a museum/gun store/antique shop. If you stop by, don’t go in the building is not safe.

To the left is a garage and service center.
The old Post Office with a new one just down the street and on the other side.
Prickly pear cactus surrounding many of the homes on the North side of US Route 60.
Old tires line the intersection in this part of the town.
Wonder who the artist was.
Old well. Dry well. Oh well.
Water tanks anyone?

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