We’re done.

Well, tomorrow we leave! Great trip, but glad to be headed home. I’m looking forward to seeing Erin again, and of course Tori and Andy too.

General Stuff: The Camden Locks Holiday Inn is a great place to stay! Loved it, great location. Around the corner is the Ice Wharf Restaurant and they have good food, cheap prices, and crappy coffee.  The Camden Town area is very cool. Go!

The Hotel Oranje in Leeuwarden is a good hotel with the cleaning staff with vision problems. Their free wifi sucks. Their location is great to everything we needed. We had a great time in Leeuwarden.

On our return to London, we stayed at the Hotel Idigo, an old English mansion that was converted to a hotel by the IHG hotel group, which also owns Holiday Inns. They upgrade us, for a fee, to a small suite.Very pretty room. Not well thought out. The room was underneath the dining room. Double bed. TV placed in a piss poor location. The TV was not visible to the seating area. Hardest damned mattress I’ve ever experienced. Great location here too.

Longest damned elevators I’ve ever seen.
The guy was playing the James Bond theme while driving this little thing.
What’s a trip to London with out posting this?

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