The Netherlands

  • We’re here.
  • After a hellacious day of train travel, we arrived in the Netherlands. Frazzled and beaten down by our lack of knowledge of the European train system.
  • We’ll be better prepared for the return trip.
  • We have 6 more nights here, having spent our first night sleeping fitfully. Weird bed for a king-sized requested, it’s 2 twins side by side.
  • Dinner last night was an experience. We both opted for the Chef’s Menu, which meant the chef prepared 6 small courses to be served on a schedule that was up to him I guess. The food was amazing, the schedule for 2 weary travelers was taxing. by the 4th course we were looking for bed and I prompted our server that speed would be appreciated.
  • We had duck, veal, sea bass, a beet appetizer, something else and a smallish dessert. Like I said, amazing.
  • Today we will explore Leeuwarden and contact Anna about tomorrow. Right now I just am thinking about refueling my belly and hitting the town. Nina’s getting ready.
  • Sorry, no pictures today.

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