375 miles

Nina and I took off at 8:30 this morning and headed north. After a quick breakfast stop in Vegas, we hit I-25 to Raton. Our main destination was the Sugarite Canyon State Park.  As you can see, we made it there. This is all part of the Santa Fe Harley-Davidson State Park Challenge that we’ve been playing. I believe this is our 10th state park. Only 23 or so to go.

What a nice ride we had getting here. Still in NM and we have Colorado like scenery.
She could replace Vanna White.
See, Nina is still alive and with me!
Not sure why people do selfies, they seldom seem to be flattering. I guess this one is the exception.

Leaving Sugarite, we headed south to Folsom, a reputed ghost town. It turns out that it’s not a total ghost. It was worth the trip to see it and the route had some beautiful scenery. While Folsom has non-ghost types living there, as you can see, it’s pretty much a ghost town. Very quaint place though.







We finally arrived home about 4:00. It was a nice ride and other than a bee sting received by Nina during the ride, it went smoothly. No rain, not too hot, and not too cool. Good day.

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