At one of the twice monthly poker games that we have in the valley, I won a hand that was just one of the best hands ever won.  The game was Roll Your Own, a variant of the 7 card game Low Hole.  You’re dealt 3 cards and you get to choose the one you reveal.  I had a pair of Jacks with one wild card giving me 3 of a kind.  Everyone rolls their weakest cards as a rule of thumb but I started with my power cards and bet the Hell outta them.  The last card I revealed was my second Jack.  Everyone “knew” I had 5 Jacks but 2 of the other players were sporting straight flushes and they couldn’t just fold.  One of them finally folded while the other thought he’d buy the pot with a $5 bet, so I raised him another $5.  All the while I’m laughing like an idiot because I’m telling them I have a shit hand, which I did.  Joe finally folded and I won the pot of the evening.  It was epic.  I ended up $25 ahead on the evening.  Great game.

Other stuff.

Erin is gone for the weekend.  She was a ton of fun this week and she didn’t want to go with the other people.  It makes me sad to have to send her where she doesn’t want to go. I wish we had her 24/7, but right now it’s not going to happen.  We went to B.K. again this week and there were lots of kids for her to play with.  One of our neighbors has been making an appearance there when we’re there and I wish she’s just stay away, she wants to talk gossip from the valley and I’d rather not play.  Oh well, it doesn’t happen that often.

Weather has been brutal as of late.  So much wind that I haven’t been walking like I should.  I may go to one of the malls in SF when I’m in town this afternoon and walk there.  I’m meeting Mark Levin for lunch today and he and I usually have a good time when we get together.  It’s nice doing lunch with someone and expecting nothing but good friendship.

Gas prices are going through the roof out here.  In little over a week the wholesale price has risen 20 cents.  Not sure what they are doing, but if history is repeating, wholesale pricing will start dropping again about 2 weeks before Memorial Day.  That should allow all the stations to stay up there through the holiday and drop pricing afterwards.  Stupid.


I’m Bored

Without Nina here, things are different.  I’m bored.  So bored I cleaned the stove yesterday.  Had trouble getting the belt sander into some of the crevices but the flexible pad sander got those spot pretty well.  I had to use the sharpened screwdriver only on three spots.  Today I’ll try to buff out the scratches.

Cleaned the counter off, did all the dishes, emptied the dishwasher, cleaned the toilet, vacuumed and helped Henry clean out the 4th bedroom.  Bored, bored, bored.

Going to Arrow’s Ridge today for brunch.  Joe won’t be there however, he’s got a booth at a local bridal fair that he has to tend to today.  They’re hoping for more wedding business, which is very profitable.

You remember my friend Michael?  I basically cut off all contact with him.  His addictions have caused me undue stress and grief and I felt that cutting the cord was a good idea.  Well, it’s been about a month or so since we parted ways and I have to say that I have been calmer and happier during this period.  Sad to say I made the right decision for me, but it may have caused additional stress and problems for Michael.  I hope he finds his way out of this hole he’s dug and returns to a sober path.

I’m still walking several times a week.  I’ve sorta plateaued on my weight and I think that I need to up my pace and distance to break through that plateau.  Once I hit a certain point, about 25 pounds away, I plan on starting to run and I’m sure that will help remove weight faster than the walking.  I’m still walking at the national park nearby, but last week I added some ghost town hiking and walking along the Gallinas River during an off-road trip with a friend.  Pictures are below in the previous blog posting.


Erin seems fine with Tori leaving for London.  She actually seemed more composed than Tori did.  She’s napping now and we’re going to Tuesday night dinner together.  Last week Nina told out waitress that she wouldn’t be there tonight, but I told her that I would be and I was bringing a date.  She should get a kick out of my “date”.

They’re on the road.

Nina and Tori left a few minutes ago and while I think it’s funny as Hell, I’m sure Tori is less than happy with my laughing at her crying about leaving Erin.  Oops, she’s back for more Erin loving before she leaves.  I think it must be a girl thing.  I don’t remember Nina getting weepy when we left the kids at that age.  I’m a mean dad I guess.



She’s back and full of piss and vinegar.  Yesterday she was bugging everyone for her Valentines Day cards and I didn’t buy her one, however since I’m such a quick thinker, I took a picture of Nina and myself that I had on the printer and gave it to her.  She was hopping and skipping with pleasure and yelling “Yippie”.  She’s a little gem. I took her to Burger King yesterday.  Going there is a crap shoot because sometimes there’s kids there an other times there’s none.  Yesterday was a win for Erin.  There were 3 kids there, 2 girls and a boy.  All were about the same size and they played nicely for 45 minutes.  Tori and Josh say that Erin is very shy around strange kids when they stop at places with a playland type of venue.  I see none of that.  She runs, climbs, plays and is very vocal with the kids every time we get lucky there.  Maybe Erin feels freer with me and relaxes more, allowing her to cut loose.

Nina & Tori

Nina and Tori leave for London soon.  Nina’s sounding nervous and I’m not sure if it’s going there without me or traveling with Tori that has her worried.  While they plan on visiting many of the same places that Andy and I visited, they are also going places I never thought to visit.  They wish to visit the zoo and aquarium while there, both places I doubt I would wish to visit.  The London Eye is on their list and Andy and I both felt a pass on that was a good choice.  They leave on the 21st.


I’ve been walking 3 to 5 times a week lately.  Got to lose the belly and ease the pressure on my joints.  I’ve already lost more than 30 pounds.  Once I reach 275 I plan on starting to run.  I have consulted with my doctor about this so I’m not just doing stupid shit to try and lose weight.  I know it will be a long haul and plan to stick with this until I reach 250 pounds and then I will reevaluate where I wish to go from there.  A friend just joined me on my walks and I know that when I started this I was sounding like he is now.  The elevation changes, while not severe, get you huffing and puffing.

Andy is dating and it’s kinda cute reading her Facebook page when she talks about him.  He latest post was “My bf is amazing, can’t wait until tomorrow”.  That was posted the day before VD. Andy doesn’t talk about anything that’s going on with them.  Lucky for me Andy doesn’t read this.  They spent the day together before she had to work.  Lunch, movie, etc.

Gas pricing out here is stupid.  People are selling gas for less than a dime markup at stations in Santa Fe.  Since I know what costs are I am amazed that they are even doing this.  Unless their credit card processing is subsidized by the brand, all credit card sales are at a loss.  A $3.30/gallon sale is costing them 9.6 cents and when you add their expenses, it’s a loss.  I’m obviously missing something here.

We had snow in the area.  In the area means everywhere but our place.  We had a dusting.  It’s like this area has a moisture deflector pushing the rain/snow to other areas of the state.  Glorietta Pass, just west of us, was close to being shut down because of the snow making it slick and dangerous.  Only one lane was open in either direction.

Dat’s it folks.  Peace.

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