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Interesting day yesterday

Yesterday morning saw me on the road at 7:00 a.m.  I was expecting to meet with the county manager and Tito Chavez regarding my proposal to combine the advertising efforts of the county and the city.  I was wrong.  Both were there, but they were under the impression that I called them to the meeting.  Right, that happens all the time.  Other people started to arrive.  People from city government. People that represent a variety of non-profits.  The chamber of commerce head.  The former owner of the Plaza Hotel.  Les, the county manager, and I were both confused.  Tito seemed nonplussed about these people arriving.

Turns out the advertising director of the city called the meeting.  She’s sharp, never let any of us have a clue what was going on until the meeting started.  The meeting took my proposal and carried it to newer and higher levels.  Grants.  Interactive kiosks at the airport and the 3 main entry points to the state.  FREE business advertising on a state tourism website.  Joining forces at proportional levels financially.  This is one sharp cookie.

The non-profit people were severely put out on this proposal.  It forced them onboard as partners while seriously cutting funding for them doing the same types of things that her proposal does much more efficiently.  Every objection was met with a rational and reasoned response.  Chamber chick and Plaza Hotel guy were both fit to be tied by the time the meeting ended and while I’m not that fond of either of them, my position forces civility with them, so I enjoyed watching them choking on their bile.

Poker last nigh ended with me leaving early.  I blew my wad and walked out rather than tossing good money after bad.  I had fun during the game, and Jiminy stopped by the house to look at the gold piece that we found in ML’s safe deposit box.  Jiminy, a.k.a. Gregory Ghent (google him if interested, add Santa Fe and San Francisco to the search criteria), is an art appraiser that is part of our poker gang.  He is currently researching the piece and he needed to see the piece in person to answer any questions that his experts ask him.

Nina and I had lunch in Pecos.  Erin went back to Dilia.  Tori stayed home, but has plans today.  Andy stopped by for some reason, but I can’t remember why.  Shirley was silent yesterday.  I did a short cleaning job on my Jeep’s interior.

Dat’s it.  Peace.


Another visit to Dilia

  1. Sunday again.
  2. Breakfast with Nina in Vegas.
  3. Visit Marylou?  Possible.  Probable?
  4. Head to Dilia again to pick up Erin.  Hope she’s in a good mood.
  5. Last night was dinner at Arrow’s Ridge.  Nice evening, good food.
  6. Turns out one of my poker compadres is a world renown art appraiser and has all sorts of connections in all fields of appraisals.  I may have to start being nice to him.  NAH, it’s too much fun ripping on him.  Gregory, a.k.a. Jiminy Cricket, has offices in Santa Fe and San Francisco.  I named him Jiminy  during one poker game and it’s a nickname that’s stuck during the games.
  7. Curt, our esteemed poker host, asked me to do bodyguard duty for him but he never called on the day I was supposed to do this.  It seems that he has a tenant that stopped paying rent in a commercial building he owns.  Downtown Day Spa in Santa Fe is the place.  Check out the reviews on Trip Advisor, scary shit.  Anyway, it appears that he fears the woman that owns the place.  I asked him last night what happened to my guarding his scrawny ass and he said his wife called the lady and made other arrangements.  I’m pretty sure this is not over.
  8. I know that unlicensed bodyguard duty opens me up to all sorts of troubles, but there are things in life that I just have to do because I’m just nosey at heart.
  9. I just looked up as I was typing this post and noticed that it was snowing.  Kinda late in the season, but we’ll take any moisture, any way it comes.
  10. The sequester is all the Republican’s fault according the that bastard from Chicago that runs this country.  I guess he and his are all blameless in this process.  He’s a jerk off.
  11. Facebook is making more changes.  I hate change.  They never make it easy when they make their changes.
  12. Dat’s it.



Cold!  Windy and cold!

This morning when I woke up, it was above freezing, snowing, and my lot was nicely wet.  Since then the clouds went away, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped.  My lot is now ice covered and I’m going to have to salt the pavement.  Oh well, weather is not controllable.

Just saw the advert for the Gathering of the Nations, billed as the largest pow wow in the nation.  We’re gonna have to miss it this year, London beckons.  I enjoy going to the pow wows when possible.

Today I’ll grade my lot again.  The rain from last night makes it easier than when it’s dry.  No dust!

Got nothing else.  Later people.


A beautiful day in el Valle.

  • What a nice day.  Near 70 right now and we have blue skies.
  • Erin and I are playing a chasing game lately.  I have to trick her to catch her.
  • Nina had a TV installed in ML’s room.  She never needed a TV until she noticed everyone else had one.
  • Comcast needed to check out Nina before they gave her service.  I guess she looks shifty or some such shit.
  • Poker tomorrow.  Looks like we’ll have a full house at the table.  Been a while.
  • Burgers for dinner tonight.  I guess I’m cooking again.
  • I didn’t have lunch.
  • Feel better now.  Cracker did good work on me.  Neck was the worst.  It scares the crap outta me each time he cracks my neck, but he hasn’t paralyzed me yet.
  • Erin is fighting zombies and she told me that she had to do it alone because they are big zombies.
  • Nina’s been mean to me lately.  Probably should put her down before she bites me.
  • I want to go fishing.
  • Later



ADT scheduled me for service today for an alarm problem I have.  I knew that they would not keep the appointment, but I took it anyway.  This morning I got the call that they had to reschedule AGAIN.  Every freaking time they schedule a service call with us they have to reschedule.  The last 4 times it was a truck that broke down.  This time the service tech was sick.  I call BULLSHIT.

I will be shopping for a new alarm company.

Crazy Wind

Second day in a row of this stupid high wind system.  I hope it moves east soon.  Driving the Jeep in heavy wind is less fun that you would think, but driving it in this stupid wind is just dangerous!

Had my tires balanced today.  Turns out that Jeannie went to Walt for tire prices, but he was too high for her and she’s going to go to Santa Fe and get the type of tire that lasts only half as long as tires sold be Walt.  Jeannie is one of my employees for all of you that don’t know.

While in town, I went to Dick’s Liquor for lunch.  They have a good menu in the bar and the owners are nice people.



Just a short trip to Alb. today and lunch at Red Robin.  Stopped at Sportsmans and saw empty hooks where guns used to hang.  Shelves were bare of ammo.  Everyone’s hoarding again.

Sequester?  Anyone notice that all this talk of sequester cuts are domestic cuts?  No talk of cutting aid to Israel, or Arab countries, or African countries or Asian countries, just talk about screwing over OUR citizens.  Why the Hell are we electing these bastards to office?  They just are in place to stick it to American citizens I guess.  Makes me feel proud that we get it shoved up our rectal cavity while the middle east countries still get to spend our tax money to talk shit about us and most likely plot against us.  We are idiots.


Old McDonald

OK, I spent yesterday afternoon on the tractor.  The earlier snow left my lot in sad shape and I had another implement on the tractor, so I never jumped on it like I usually do.  I decided to do what I needed with the forklift attachment on the tractor and make the switch to the box blade and 4 hours later I was ready for a nap.  Lot looks good again and the box blade will stay on for a while.

While out on the tractor, I decided to do the roads in the campground.  Since closing 10 years ago, they’ve been sadly neglected.  I would go through there to pick up material on occasion, but I never bothered to do much more.  Since I got my fitbit, I’ve been walking in the back more and yesterday I figured to make it easier to do so.  I figure that the track I graded out back will let me walk more without tiring.  I guesstimate that 3 trips around will be 1 mile.  I know that 1 trip around the perimeter of my property is 1 mile, so my guesstimate is probably pretty much dead on.  Edit:  1 trip around that new loop is 1/3 of a mile.  I checked it this morning.  So 3 times around plus the distance to and from the house equals a mile.

Yesterday, Nina and I went car shopping.  We went to the Mercedes dealership in Santa Fe and looked at the Smart cars.  I’ve always had a perverse? interest in these little cars.  I drove a nice little blue one that looked like I could carry it on my keychain, but once your in the car and driving it, it doesn’t have that small car feel.  Made by Mercedes, they are well built and while it was a small car ride, it felt larger than it truly was.  These cars are freaking small!

IMG_0675          IMG_0676

Pretty cute, ehh?  Anyone interested in why?  Well, I was thinking of buying a new Jeep, but the cost of the new Jeep, with my trade-in, was huge.  Now we’re thinking of just getting me a second car to take the milage pressure off of my Jeep.  My 3 year old Jeep has 135,000 mile on it already and I’d like to keep it still.  I doubt that a Smart car will be my final choice, but it was a fun visit and test drive.

Maybe a Harley?


Just a note to friends;  My uncle is dying and was just placed in hospice.  The prognosis is less than a week.  Family says that he’s just starting to lose it mentally and we hope his passing will be easy.  He is the last of my father’s brothers alive.  Sad to see, but death is part of life.