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Went to Carl’s and had a highly revealing conversation. It was a good talk.

I’m now at Panera’s and having a light snack before heading to Mom’s. I’m amazed at how fast the time passed at Carl’s.  Tried to kill a squirrel, but the little bugger hit the tree as soon as he saw me.  Carl has a nice rifle.

I love Panera’s bread bowl but hate their potato chip. I’ve chewed on softer poker chips and it appears that they use no salt. What good is a potato chip without salt?

Wow, all the drama . . .

It’s followed me up here.  Customers calling begging for credit.  Calling again asking me to break the law and jeopardize my ability to take EBT debit cards.  Pain in the butt.

Nice seeing Mom.  Carl & Beth stopped by and are at the beach but I was getting warmer than I care for and I came upstairs.  I parked my trailer at B & N’s place so it wasn’t in the way here.  (Thanks guys!)  Nice seeing the C, B, & N too.

The drive up was very uneventful and it was smooth sailing.  We had a nice trip, but I thought the book tape was a few hours too long.  Too descriptive on all the shoot-em-ups through out the book. Clive Cussler is one of my favorite authors, but I may go with the abridged versions from now on.

I’m gonna nap now.  23 hours in the Jeep is wearing on the old body.




Well, we’ve gotten our first rain yesterday after about 8 months of no measurable moisture and it was a kind rain.  Other than minor potholes in the parking lot, there was no damage to anywhere local that I know of.  The same can’t be said of Albuquerque.  They got 2″ of hard rain in less than an hour.  Lots of damage and people complaining.  Gotta take the bad with the good folks.

My rain gauge says we got around 1/2 of an inch of rain over the day’s time yesterday.  On the way to poker last night I saw that some private roads had minor damage and of them is going to need some tractor work to make it pretty for their customers.  That would be the   B & B.

Speaking of poker.  We had a fun game with my fortunes dropping and rising many times over the course of the game.  I ended up $2 down and had a great time playing.

Jeannie is back to work again!  After 4 months off to care for her husband, today is her first day back.  I’m glad to see her back and I think she’s a little nervous about being back, but she says she excited to be home.  She comes back to a different schedule where she’ll work 4 days on and then have 4 days off.  Martin is doing fine now she says but as with most cancer patients, he’s got to endure a litany of doctor’s visits for the near future.

Josh is gone sorta.  I’ve got some maintenance work for him that should carry him for a month or so, but after that . . . .

Erin is at her dad’s and I was getting my Jeep serviced for my trip so I missed her departure.  I wish I was bringing her with, but that’s not to be I guess.

We’re up to 25 people for the party in September already.

That’s it for now.

Posted as my status on that other place, FB.

Hours of rain, still raining, noisy rain, thunder type of rain.
Puddles in the parking lot, the remains of the rivers running to the street type of puddles.
A great and beautiful rain, long overdue, a blessing to this sun parched earth of San Miguel County!
Fire preventing rain.
Crop producing rain.
Thanks for the rain!

Have a great 4th of July!

Well, the Jeep parts I ordered sort of arrived.  I ordered the sway bar links and received a 3rd brake light replacement kit.  They are not even similar.  Oh well, I get my shipping refund anyway and they promise I will have the part friday.

It appears that the summer monsoons have finally hit the state.  We’ve seen nada of them so far.  It has cooled things down a bit, but not enough.  I’ve been told that I’m heading east to hot and humid.

Nothing else here right now.  Have a great day off everyone!

Who’d have thunk it? Trash Cams!

In the paper this morning I read about a lady arrested for littering after being caught in the middle of nowhere by a trash cam!  I love it!  As a business that is victim of people that use our litter barrels to dump their household trash, I have to love any attempt to catch these cheap scum that feel other people’s trash receptacles or the countryside is fair game for their household crap.  The story starts out in Alaska, but it turns out that many municipalities are doing the same thing.  They are buying a fairly inexpensive game cam that comes already camouflaged and hiding them in areas where problems are already known.  Good for them!

Other ca-ca.

Erin slept the night in her own bed last night, at least until 5 a.m. when she ran past me and joined Nina.  No “hi Pake”  or “morning Pake”, just the gentle stompings of a 700 pound 3 year old on a mission.

Pilates this morning and a lodger’s tax advisory board meeting in town at noon.  I guess I’m gonna miss Pilates next week.  Beth?  Can I go with you to your class?

Anderson Cooper is GAY?  OMG, how can that be?  Wait, who cares these days.  Doncha just hate it when I type this up while watching the news?

ARGH!  I saw Paul’s name on FB yesterday.  He unblocked me again.  He must not be mad at me anymore.  I’ll be able to sleep again.

Wow, they’re still talking about Cooper.  They started the segment saying how it’s no big deal and ten minutes later they’re still talking about it.  Maybe it is a big deal still?  Oh wait, they just said it was no big deal again, and yet they’re still talking.

Tomorrow is Burger King day with Erin.  Anyone wish to join us?

Dennis is in San Francisco again.  I’d say he was lucky, but he’s there for legal reasons concerning his brother’s estate.  I really like San Fran.  Have fun Dennis.


What a pain in the

OK, earlier I mentioned that I somehow broke the sway bar link, which I subsequently removed to make it easier to get a new part.  HAH!!  No such luck.  4 auto parts stores in L.V. and none had what I needed.  Aftermarket online it is.  Part was about $15 bucks more than stock, but it looks stouter than stock too.  Since I really want this before I head east, I paid an additional $40 for next day shipping.  Now that may seem like an extravagant thing, but out of all the times I had stuff shipped that way, I have NEVER gotten it next day.  A quick call to the shipper and the charges are removed and I get second day shipping for free.  I seldom do this but I can hope for next day on occasion.

Erin came home yesterday and she was very affectionate and a lot of fun.  She’s cuter than two normal children and has three times the personality and four times the attitude.  I may have to kill her for that last one.

I may do a small brake job on my Jeep in Michigan.  Back brakes are getting thinnish so there’s as good a place to do it as any.

Just got back from Vegas and I had to head there again to get my meds.  They called just as we pulled into our place.  Jerks.

Got a major website redesign ahead of me it appears.  More as it happens, if you care.

Lodger’s Tax meeting tomorrow at noon at K-Bob’s Steakhouse.  We went there years ago and found it to be horrid and never went back.  Last month I attended a joint city/county LT meeting and it was held at K-Bob’s, and it was great.  Gotta take Nina there soon.

So far we have 21 confirmed for the anniversary party.  1 room has been booked, leaving 2 rooms available for others at the B & B.


Area stuff.

Nina and I went 4 wheeling today.  Borrowed the key to the back 40 of the B&B and went to visit the old homestead or native site there.  Definite need of 4 X 4 to get there.  Low range even.  Not sure if the site we visited was a native site or an old homestead, but we’ll go back there sometime when it’s cooler and try to figure it out.  It’s a real toss up since there’s both old tin cans and chert there.  I’m leaning to a native site with later residents adding to the debris.  I took a short hike and found additional ruins above the one pictured below.  I think I’ll being a metal detector there next time.  Lots of buried metal=settlers over native.

Erin’s back home.  Told Tori on the way home that she hates her daddy.  I wonder what he did to make her say that, but mostly she loves him.  Oh well, the mind of a 3 y.o. is a tough nut to crack.

The art event at the B & B was a great success.  Over 100 people went through there yesterday and several pieces were sold.  There was one piece that I thought I liked but when I found out it was an inverted turtle shell, it was less fun.  I though it was a chest cavity.  Still a cool piece.  Asking price, $800.  Anyone need a turtle shell that resembles a human chest cavity?  Comes with a stand.  Does that help?  Aaron, very cool piece!

Added a hit counter to my websites recently.  Kinda nice to know how many hits I get on them.  You can see it on the bottom of this page.  I’m about 1 week into the numbers so far.

Serious drop in price for fuel came in this weekend.  Too bad we don’t need any right now.  I hope we sell down enough to get some on Monday.  This is the normal pre 4th price drop. I get to make a nice profit before I lower my price after the 4th.

Today is the anniversary of our buying this place.  18 years here.  We’ve had enough, anyone want to buy this place?  Buy it now and I’ll throw in Tori AND Andy for an extra $9.99 for both of them.  This is a limited time offer and has restrictions about telling them where we moved to.  Contact me via this site if you’re interested in purchasing this fine establishment.  Today starts year 19.