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Another day in the life of Glen

  • Another Monday heading to the bank and breakfast with Nina and Erin.  It’s a pleasant chore with an enjoyable breakfast.  The waitresses all fawn over Erin since they’ve all watched her grow since birth and the food at Charlie’s is pretty good.
  • Another attempt will be made to check on the progress of Marylou today.  When I called Saturday, I couldn’t make contact with a person whose first language was ENGLISH.  Her nurse du jour tried valiantly to explain, but my comprehension levels were very low that day.  Weekend help, gotta have them, can’t shoot them.  I would have called Friday, but since I was still under the weather, I didn’t.
  • Another windy weekend was had by us.  The wind was a cold and sharp wind that cut through clothing layers and flesh like a freshly stropped straight razor.  Today should be a warmer and nicer day according to the weather liar.  I can still hear the wind though.
  • Another chore on my plate for today is to schedule my Jeep for service.  After almost 130,000+ miles, I think it deserves a tune up.  Starts great, runs great, has no bad sounds, but I’m still a believer in preventive maintenance, so this week it goes in for a tune up.
  • Another task that I need to address is filling in the subdivision paperwork and dropping that off in the county offices for scheduling at the Planning and Zoning meeting.  Once that is filed, the subdivision goes before the P & Z committee, and if approved I can list the business and river properties with a realtor.  Who knows, by Christmas 2013, I may be free of the business.
  • Another little thing I need to deal with this week is scheduling our January trip to Chicago to deal with more of ML’s crap.  Both Nina and I will be in this time.  Need to contact the lawyer and have her set up times to go to the banks to empty the safety deposit boxes, start moving money to NM, have Nina’s name added to accounts that are not to be moved, and change addresses for ML.  This is all on the advice of her lawyer.  We also plan on a heavy social schedule when in town to reacquaint Nina with old friends and family.
  • Another thing, have a great week.


  • Nina is back among the living.
  • Whiskey is still lethargic, but showing signs of improvement.
  • Erin is coming home today around 2:30.
  • Shirley is the same.
  • Poker is Thursday.  Gonna sacrifice a strange person then.
  • This guy has the most damnable luck ever.
  • I see Andy floating around downstairs.  Wonder why?
  • Tori now appears to have it.  Poor Tori.
  • She’ll probably want me to kill her again.  She hates illness.
  • That’s all.

Still alive and kicking.

  • I’m back among the living this morning, so to speak since I’m the only one awake.
  • I’ve not eaten in 36 hours and the majority of that time was spent either in bed or in my chair sleeping. I feel very rested as I type this.
  • I’m not sure what I had, but I would not wish this on any of you, it was not fun.
  • Whiskey is home and he’s still lethargic. I may take him to the park today and run him there.
  • Another snow storm is heading our way. 2 actually. It should start this afternoon and continue through Sunday. We have some moisture on the ground now, but no snow yet. Too warm right now.
  • I am tempted to plow certain people’s driveways shut once I need to start plowing.  Being sick make me feel a bit vindictive it appears.
  • I sure hope this trend continues through the winter. We are in the worst drought since I’ve been here and I’m tired of it. The river has stopped flowing and is just pooling where there is depth enough to maintain water. I remember Dr. Donnelly telling me that this happened once before in his memory and he was old.
  • Diarrhea seems to still be present, but that doesn’t surprise me.
  • I missed last night’s poker game because of this bug. Rotten bug.
  • Now that I feel human again, I plan on hitting the Scrabble board again and continue my reign of terror.
  • And once again I’m going to bitch about the pop-up ad box that continues to annoy the shit outta me on Scrabble!  There are times I have to see it 5 or more times when playing.  I HATE EA GAMES!
  • That’s all folks!

Whiskey is Anemic.

My dog woke yesterday to a strange mood.  He was lethargic and was staring off into corners.  Needless to say I was worried, because I’ve become attached to this stupid hound.  I took him to the vet in the afternoon and Terry, the vet, checked his gums and said he was anemic.  They were white.  Anyway, a blood test to verify and another to check the cause and they checked him in at the clinic.  I should be able to pick him up today.

Checking in with the rehab place the other day and there’s no news about Marylou.  Her arch enemy, Archie, decided to send her candy which will earn me points in ML’s version of Hell.  Thanks Archie!  You’re a pal.  (Yes she reads this.)  I need some nasty emoticons here I think, something with an evil glare.

Oh well, that’s it for today, unless you want me to talk about getting my tires rotated today?  No?  I didn’t think so. Bye now.


Well, we got about 5 inches of snow yesterday and this morning brought us COLD.  So this morning I went out to salt the vital areas, like the path to the store from the pumps, and the pump area  itself.  About half way to the pumps, I slid on the underlying ice and fell flat on my ass.  While we need the moisture it brings, I didn’t need the ice it brought with the cold.  I hurt my hands in the fall AND spilled my salt.

My more than a year old purchase of a snow plow finally saw some use.  I was happy that it worked so well.  For $1300, versus the $6000 the regular plow costs, my homeowner’s plow worked great and I’m pleased with the purchase.  For me it was an easy buy, but I already had the front receiver to accept the plow, whereas others may have to back the plow up to use it or add a front receiver.  Saved my back and kept me warm using the Jeep!

This new skin?  Tori finds it easier to read than the white on black one.  What say you?  It’s one I downloaded when I started the blog because I liked the look, so I gave it a shot.

Christmas Eve.  We are planning our Christmas Eve Soup Party again for this year.  5 p.m. to 8 p.m.  stop on by if you have no plans for the 24th.  Please R.S.V.P.  Nina is making a very nice white bean chili this year rather than a soup.  It has been a family favorite since we got the recipe from my cousin in Michigan.  It’s a very mild chili, so don’t hesitate to join us because of the “heat” of local chilis.



I’ve been slacking off here. Sorry.

Well, I’ve had a lot on my plate lately, so I guess it’s understandable.  I just returned from Illinois.  I flew this time and while I don’t miss the time behind the wheel, I’m not a fan of flying.  I fly in the main cabin so it’s similar to packing 5 pounds of shit in a 3 pound can.  The return trip was only half bad.  I had plenty of room, being at an exit row, but I couldn’t get comfortable.  Across the aisle from me was a well dressed gentleman that I struck up a conversation with.  He is the chief of staff for Governor Martinez and we had many acquaintances in common.  It made the flight pass faster, slightly.

Marylou.  Wow.  She hates her rehab center.  She hates the people there. She hates the fact that she has a roommate, even though the roommate is only in the room to sleep. She wants to be transferred to  Oak Park Hospital, but she is in a rehab center.  She’s definitely NOT 100% mentally.  Repetitive stories, forgetfulness, loosing her train of thought while talking, and just pain bitchiness. OK, that bitchiness is normal for her, but I wanted to throw it in for my enjoyment.  She’s become very close to her lawyer and she stopped by on Thursday to spend some time with ML and have her sign a few papers.  She also asked ML to pay for my trips back and forth on her behalf and she agreed.  I now have a ML credit card.  Mwuh-hahaha!  I gave it to Nina already, so back off!

Marylou continued.  Her medi-shit payments for this stroke and rehab ends on 2.22.13 and if she shows no significant improvements, we will be moving her here at that time.  If she is showing improvements and we decide that they are big enough for her to stay there, she will stay on a month to month basis.  Either way, she will end up as Shirley’s new roomy when she is finally released.  When I asked her about coming to NM, it was like I lifted the weight of the world off her shoulders.  We know it will be more difficult and we know that she’s an opinionated old bat, but she is family, right?  HEY, she don’t hate me anymore, but I did throw away some vital papers from the past century, but in 30 or 40 years she may forgive me, right?  Probably not.

Gas.  Man oh man, wholesale pricing has plummeted!  My cost for gas today is so low that I’d be tempted to lower my prices a bit and still make obscene profits.  My price today?  $2.9135/gallon.  I’m impressed and curious.

Cold.  Supposed to be cold this weekend and we may get some snow.  While at the casino tonight I may have to lay some money down on the weather, depending on the odds.