Great to be home

Glad we’re home.  The trip to SF was not as great as the last one, but we saw and did things that we didn’t do on the first trip.  All the people we met that first time made a difference.

Nice to get home and see Erin again.  She leaves for Dilia today.

Her new haircut. So darned cute!


Her new PJ's.

Nina bought her silk pajamas in China town.  Erin loves them.

Day Eight

We should be home late this afternoon.  We decided to pass on Palm Springs when we heard about the super heated winds and the dust storm in the southern portion of the state.  The maps showed Palm Springs to be included in the nastiness.  We will most likely make a trip there eventually because we heard such great things about the city and area as a vacation spot.


Day Six

We leave San Francisco this morning. Both of us share the same consensus of this place:

  • Truly a world class city
  • A very dirty city
  • For a city with such wealth, the poor are more obvious than the wealth
  • Noisy, very noisy
  • Our hotel, while quaint last time, not so much this time
  • Great food
  • Fairly safe city, even with all the homeless
  • LOTS of whack jobs among the homeless
  • Worth a return trip sometime later in life
On our way south along the coast heading in the general direction of home.

Day Five

We had a great evening with Patricia and Richard. Richard grew up in S.F. and him being Chinese gave him a slight edge over the insiders view of Chinatown and North Beach. They took us to a great restaurant in North Beach and we ate family style. Afterwards we wandered over to a bakery for some desert and ate them outside a coffee shop. Great evening.

From the top of the parking garage.
A tower whose name I forget.

Today is the street fair, pictures to be added here and the other place. Meeting is set with site members for a little after noon at Folsom and 8th. Should be interesting.

Folsom Street Fair
Folsom Street Fair
Folsom Street Fair
Folsom Street Fair

And then there were the pictures I can’t post here.

Day Four

Original titles, ehh?

OK, our first full day in SF and we’re both beat. We meet with some friends of mine tonight for a walk around China Town and we are supposed to eat on the street while watching the Chinese gamble and we talk about white slavery. That’s the plan as it was told to me. If you don’t get an update to this in the next day or so, call the police.

So far, we’ve done the cable car museum and rode cable cars all over the damned city. Interesting but very slow. For as fast as those cables run underground, all the stops and idling makes for a slow and pretty boring trip.

Not my cable car, just a stray one on the streets
Nina on a cable car. She's smiling because she plans on killing me.
I think there's a proud Mary reference here somewhere.
The "make them go" thingy for cable cars.

And then there’s the bomb squad truck we saw while touristing around the place.

Boom Squad Truck

No BOOM though.

Random building with random car parked in front.

Cooler than crap out here. I actually had to go back to the hotel to get my jacket. You know it was either cold or I am dying. I hope it’s just cold.

Nina just brought up a good reason to stay in the country. Pigeons. Dirty stinking flying rats. Let’s not forget their first “San Francisco cousins” the seagulls, another crappy bird. There is bird shit everywhere in this town. No pigeons in San Jose, to date.

Day Two

We are now in a hotel in Bakersfield, about 500 miles more added to our total miles. We have about 5 hours of driving left to get to San Francisco.

It’s hot out here. Saw 102 today. Can’t wait until we hit S.F. and the lower temps.

Ate dinner in this Hunter place and we had some decent food there, but the waiter chatty as Hell. Very annoying. If I wanted to talk to anyone during dinner I’d talk to Nina.

The drive was uneventful with the exception that Nina couldn’t pee in the rest areas. They were ALL closed. Stupid damned state. Our chatty waiter told us to avoid the Bay Bridge on the way into S.F. because of construction, so I thanked him for the info and forgot what he said immediately.

Oh well, I’m beat. Going to bed.

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