Shirley & caregivers

Well, this is the second Sunday one of the caregivers has managed to ruin for us. This one called me and informed me that she couldn’t make it in today because her sister’s wedding was yesterday and she was still in S.F. It was very apparent to me that she was very much hung over. She was supposed to be here at 8 and called at 8:30. I hate drunks.

Nina called the agency and reported the absence to them. Turns out that she didn’t notify them as she is required to and I’m wondering if she’s going to try and claim the day to the agency and get paid for it.

40 degrees

I’m sitting on my back deck enjoying the 66 degree temperature this morning knowing that the respite is temporary.  Yesterday we had a high of 106 degrees and we’ve been promised more heat.  Yay.  I’m thinking spontaneous combustion this afternoon.

We head to Santa Fe this afternoon to get paint for the building.  We’re going to make this place purty for this season.  Gonna have Josh help me paint this place and I’ve been told I need 20 gallons of paint.  We have medallions on the building that over the years have been painted over, and we’re going to restore them in the process.


Scrabble and other stuff.

Taking a break from Scrabble for a few days.  Signed out of FB and closed my dictionary and am going to clear my head for a bit.  I’ve been playing like shit the last few days and I’ve had great letters and I’m not enjoying it right now.

Got 3 loads of pea gravel for the back yard yesterday.  Nina wants gravel in the yard, so we will have gravel in the yard.  Gonna rent a bobcat and bring in a friend with a bobcat and we should knock this off in a long morning.  Will finish the job with my tractor the next day.

Albuquerque got rain today.  We got wind. Clouds all around us, not a hint of rain in those clouds though.  Watching the weather liar as I type this and it appears that we have little chance of getting anything.

Erin left today.  Boring without her.  I find that I still watch Sponge Bob when she’s gone.

Nina finally has semi-agreed to a plan to rid my garage of dead people.  It involves burying them in the national forest at a spot we both enjoy visiting, the Priest Mine.  We’ll see how that works next time I’m there alone.  I’ll bring a shovel and do a test dig to see if the soil base is deep enough to inter some small boxes.  Very nice location, very little visitation by others, and bears to keep interlopers at bay.

I’ve decided to vote for Romney.  I find him to be an empty suit that just parrots what he thinks we want to hear.  He’s the white Obama without the healthcare baggage.  Then there’s the fact Obama claims credit for creating the jobs in the private sector.  Piece of shit.  Still hate both candidates with a passion.

Fires are still the news of the day, each and every day.  Another liberal action that proved hazardous to the intended protectee, the forests.  Stop the logging, let the forests age naturally, stomp out the cleansing fires and we get these unstoppable eco disasters.  Thanks liberal assholes.  We know you meant well.  You needn’t worry, most have forgotten your criminal stupidity and you won’t be treated badly for your efforts, after all, we’re all idiots.

Still no appearance by brother paul on the family bulletin board.  He blocked me on Facebook too.

Just ordered some invites for mailing out to people that have no internet.  Gotta have all my friends notified, so snail mail for the Luddites among us.

Erin will be at the party and available for visitation to all that wish to play with her for the entire anniversary weekend.  I guess sperm daddy is not happy about this, but I really don’t care what he thinks.




Why are grown people starting these long drawn out topic about zombies?  I belong to 2 Jeep forums and 1 gun forum and all 3 have multiple topics about zombies.  Anyone got a clue on this?


OK, I guess I’m not babying the Jeep as much as I thought. I broke one of the stabilizer link rods sometime in the past. Not a horrid thing, the replacement part is $40 and I’ll replace it when I do my brakes this weekend.

It’s nice having new skins on the Jeep. The alignment that Walt and Josh (not Tori’s Josh) did is spot on and the wheel is true which I like when I get an alignment. I spent some time watching them do the alignment while holding a steel bar threatening that I’d beat Josh like a rented mule if he didn’t do it right this time. I gotta say that watching pros do an alignment is similar to watching monkeys throw shit at spectators in the zoo. Gotta love the fine mechanical mind that thought this crap up.

I think a trip back to the Priest Mine is in order for this weekend. I may take the old mine road down to the bottom of the mine even.


Erin came home today, one day later than normal.  Father’s Day for her was spent at the sperm donor’s place.  Whether he was there or not, I have no idea.

My Jeep is in the shop.  It’s spending the night at the tire shop and I hope it’s OK alone like that.  After 101,000 miles it needed ball joints and rear brakes.  I decided that since it was there to get new tires too.  The tires I had on it had 73,000 mile on them, longevity that proves a 5 tire rotate is the way to go when rotating tires.  I buy foreign shit tires, Hankook mudders.  Great tire that wears like iron.  Mom should get them on the Beetle Bug car.

Planning my trip east for next month.  Trying to work out the trip with all the meetings I have  each July.  Lodger’s tax meetings are always scheduled in July to allow for planning for advertising for the 2013 tourist season.  Usually 3 meetings.  We usually give out about $45,000 each year, but this year we have a lot of money that was allocated last year but was never collected for a variety of reasons, one of which was fraud.  I’m planning on visiting with a couple that I know from online.  They met on one of the sites I work on and are setting up housekeeping at his house in Plainfield.  She works for me online.  Gonna head to Michigan first and then head to Illinois to visit new and old friends. May even try to surprise Johnson with Kleyweg.

Well, after no rain for a while, I decided that I couldn’t wait to grade the parking lot today.  I hate doing it when the place is so dry, all I do is breath dust the entire time.  While I was at it I cleaned out the carport and added material there and smoothed out some of the areas that were rutting.  I have to tell you, being a place that tourists stop during the course of their travels is kind of a kick.  I had a Japanese couple taking pictures of me early on while I was grading the lot, but later on I had an old white couple from Illinois do the same thing.  I’m used to people taking pictures of the mesa across the highway.  I’m used to people taking pictures of the building.  I’m used to people taking pictures of the old orno we have out front.  People taking pictures of me on the tractor just strikes me as strange.  Today was a 2 bath day, my usual and another after the grading.  I was gray.

We’ve been here now almost 18 years.  You’d think I’d be used to the fire talk every summer, but no, it still bothers me.  So much damage, so many people displaced and it’s so horrid to watch.  The smoke bothers me when it blows this way, so I stay in those days.

Shirley is still alive.  She eats less in one day than I do for a snack.  I’m surprised that she’s still alive.  Sometimes she won’t drink either.  What a depressing existence she has.  I doubt she’s happier here than she was at the home.  May end up back there eventually, but that’s still up in the air.  She frustrates the hell outta Nina.  I’m thinking of trading Shirley for Aunt Ella.  Mom, you think Beth would approve of the trade?  Probably not.

Marylou is still alive too.  She sends me cards about once a week.  She puts a lot of effort in this notification thing she does.  “Still alive” is written in them and that’s about all.  She spend more time addressing the envelope.  Every month or so I send her a letter telling of what’s going on here and giving her Shirley updates, which usually amount to nada.  She’s still a bitter old bitch.  I’m thinking she was a bitter old bitch when she was in her 20’s too.

Oh well, I’m tired of trying to stay awake.  I’m off to bed, but I’ll leave you all with this.  Paul, quit being such a whiny little putz and sign back onto the family BB.  G’night all.



Birthday Review

Not a bad day, not a great day as far as b’days go.  I got one gift, a knife, and two b’day cards.  Dinner was a great time, but we had a time restriction placed on us by Shirley’s care giver.  It was a beautiful day weather wise.  Erin was particularly affectionate to me and I think she hurt my neck with her hugs, they were very vigorous.

Obama gaffe

Listening to the president’s gaffe on the private sector’s improvements and the fact that we, the private sector, are doing fine.  After the right attacked him, he starts talking about the private sector jobs that HE created.  HE created these jobs?  YOU ARROGANT BAG OF SHIT!  YOU created these jobs?  You stupid puke, I hope you get your ass kicked in November by such a margin that you’ll be afraid to show your lying face in public again.  YOU guaranteed that I will now vote for Romney, that pasty-assed version of you, a person that I find more repulsive than you.  You stupid stupid bastard.

Sorry Gary, I’m now voting for the lesser of 2 evils again.  I think I’m gonna go puke now.

I hate politicians.

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