Dinner with the Kleywegs

Had a nice dinner with Don & Sue.  Seeing them whenever I’m in town reminds me of the great times we’ve had in the past and how close we’ve managed to remain over the years of separation.  We talked of such things like the Spirit of 76, major crimes, and people dead.

On the way home Nan called and we talked for a while until my Jeep started getting cold, as it tends to do when it idles.  Nice talk and Nan told me that I was a nice guy, or some such shit.

Visited with ML for a while today.  Nothing to report that you haven’t seen elsewhere.  Any questions, call.

Had a Ledo’s pizza last night.  Had J.C. George’s eggs benedict for breakfast today.  For lunch today I stopped at Little Joe’s for dog.  Considering the circumstances of the trip, I’m having a nice time.

Heading to the hospital today to visit with ML and get her house keys.  Going to assess the situation and will post pictures here.  These postings are not public postings and will require anyone to sign in to view.  I will explain on the board.  If you don’t know about the board, you don’t need to know why.  If you aren’t on the board, you don’t need to know why.

While talking to the attorney yesterday, she told me that I will find a new and improved ML. We’ll see, I’ve heard that before about other people and was disappointed.

Best Buy and the Mini iPad

After a very disappointing dinner at Pranzo Italian Grill in Santa Fe, we stopped at Best Buy to view the iPad Mini.  VERY COOL!  Love the size and enjoyed how it fits into my tiny little hand.  Very crisp, very fast.  Can’t wait until I get mine.

Dinner was not fun or delicious.  I emailed them this morning and gave them a detailed list of our complaints.  Not going back.

TV? Is it really worth it?

Mostly I use the TV as background noise while working, sleeping, surfing the net and relaxing in general.  I tend to watch a lot of spongebob squarepants because I find it to be educational, mentally stimulating and highly entertaining . . . . not.  We all know why I watch the Bob.  Today I saw a commercial for “Redneck Island” anew reality show where inbred fools compete for who knows what.

I’ve always thought I was not gonna watch reality TV, but the truth is that I do watch some form of that, Cops, Border Patrol, Jail, and others.  I know, I am ashamed.  To add to my shame, I watch a lot of the “. . .  Wars” shows.  These things are like crack cocaine to a voyeur like me, I just have to sit here and watch what happens next.

I know Mom watches Judge Judy and loves that cranky woman.  I think that most of her audience is women that enjoy watching a powerful woman rip into people everyday.  I never really cared for the show, but then I’m not female so it’s no surprise.

Anyway, I’m thinking of dumping the satellite TV and moving to Apple TV and just buy my content from the iTunes store.  For what I pay for Dish, I can get quite a collection going and I’d be able to play my downloaded music on the TV which will sound much better than my iPad or computer.

Probably won’t happen.


OK, the weather liar is predicting a big drop in temperature, which I will believe.  They are also predicting small amounts of moisture for the upper half of the state, which I think is a boldfaced LIE, again.  Whenever we have a change in weather these lying scum promise small amounts of moisture, however they always lie.

Right now I’m sitting here waiting for my newspaper to be delivered.  This happens far to frequently for me to let it go much farther.  I’m going to have the delivery person remove the boxes and that will stop the customer complaints.  Now we all know that newspaper boxes are not my responsibility, but my customers keep bitching at me about the fact that the paper is not available. It also effects my business.  People that stop for coffee and a snack just walk out of the store when the papers are not delivered early.

I’m glad I don’t live on the east coast now.  I hope these people get a break soon.

Wednesday~Nov. 7~The day after the election~Shit

  1. Well, Phil Griego won again.  That’s good news.
  2. Gary Johnson received 1% of the vote.  A sad showing.  Too bad.
  3. Unless you live in a cave, you know Obama won.  A sad win.  Too bad.
  4. While I feel that Romney was the other Obama, I’d have rather he won.
  5. I am now waiting to find out how much the health care plan will cost me and if I can afford it.  I will fire all employees and run it by family only if I can’t afford this abortion.
  6. I hope this place sells fast.  I will start advertising on the East coast by the 15th.  Yes, I am an opportunist.
  7. Friends are abandoning ship it seems.  Local friends are moving en mass. I know this is a hard area, but everyone leaving?  Dennis is staying though.  Diane Moreno was the latest to tell me she’s hoping to move.  She has a real cute house that’s perfect for a tiny couple or a single person.  It’s in the historic village or South San Isidro.  Anyone interested?
  8. I signed out of FB today to take a break.  While I really hate and distrust the site and it’s format, it sucks you back there frequently and is addictive as crack cocaine.  My Scrabble buddies will have to wait for me to play until I get my iPad charged up again.  Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after.  No, I will not put it on my phone.
  9. I also told my supervisor at the website I work for that I’m gone for a week, maybe two.  Sent her an email and told her it was a mental health break.  :-)~
  10. I told my mods that they could work as much or as little as they liked.  Gave the helm to Idi & Ninja so the site’s in good hands.  They’re wondering what’s up, but I’m not telling.
  11. Household drama is wearing thin.  No further details will appear here.
  12. Thanksgiving will be a major event at Arrow’s Ridge.  They’re talking about 120 people being there.  I cancelled us for that date.  I love going there, but we’ve decided to do a more intimate thing this year AND we do celebrate Erin’s birthday on Thanksgiving at our house.  It’s easier this way.
  13. Still no word on when that meeting will be rescheduled.  I’m still pretty peeved about how it didn’t go down nicely.
  14. Wow, it’s just after 7 here and it’s a beautiful cool night.  Sitting next to the door with the gentle breeze blowing over me.  I love it, but Nina gets cold quickly.
  15. Erin wants me to buy her a giraffe.  Damn, they’re hard to find in NM.
  16. Good night all.

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