Old Fartz lunch

  • Today is Old Fartz day. New month, new restaurant.
  • I’ll probably ride the bike there today. It’s just a bit chilly now, but in 3 hours, when I leave, it should be pretty nice out.
  • Last week they went for a ride afterward, but I was in my Jeep.
  • Erin is going to see Santa Claus today. She’s wearing a nice dress and I expect some nice pictures from this visit.
  • Talk of snow here soon. I’ll consider the source and probably ignore the reports. We need it of course, but I think the weatherliars just tell us what they think we want to hear.
  • ML is still alive, but her nurse says there is obvious deterioration in her body and systems, at least to her.

One thought on “Old Fartz lunch”

  1. Well, work interfered and I did not make it to lunch today. I wish I had a manager in the store to deal with this shit, but what ya gonna do, help is hard to find.

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