Leadership and other ship

Did I just misspell shit again?

I’ve been part of the county’s leadership and economic development group for a year now.  We finally settled on a “vision statement” today.  I don’t get this almost manic need for a vision or mission statement for groups.  I ran across this with the Artesanos del Valle Studio Tour also some years back.  HOURS spent discussing a one or two sentence statement telling no one what we do.  I even asked today who sees these stupid things and was told it’s available to everyone that’s interested.  Well, I’m proud, we have a vision statement now, after a year.

This meeting today kept me from attending a party at a friend’s home.  I brought home dinner and then promptly forgot about the party and fell asleep in my chair.  Even with the meeting it was a pretty good day.  2010 taxes are done and in the mail and we are working on 2011 already, albeit somewhat early.  Not gonna do this late filing shit again.  After this years tax scare, $26K removed from our business account by the IRS because they claimed we didn’t file for 3 years.  We got the money back in 3 days but it’s a heart stopping thing to notice when checking your account online.

Took my new gun out yesterday.  Interesting piece.  Short distance weapon, pushing a heavy caliber bullet out at a decent velocity, and cool as all get out to look at.  It is a pistol that is based on the old Henry rifle action.  Size classifies it as a pistol, but everything else about it screams Winchester.  Got my Jeep muddy in the process of going backcountry to shoot this, but it looks good muddy.  Decide to head farther back than normal to see if I could spot some elk, but I saw nada.  We’re coming into the elk season.

I sold one of my 1911’s to buy the new gun.  It was to expensive a gun for me to own.  Paid about $200 less than actual worth, but I sold it for $1200, leaving me a nice bit of change after the new gun purchase.  Gotta love cops.

Andy’s Jeep is in the shop.  Clutch gone.  $1400.  Tough luck for him.

So I went to the doctor

I went to my doctor, who is a former prison doc, and it turns out that I’m as healthy as any person on death row.  No I don’t have diabetes.  I do have higher blood pressure, but I know the cause of that. . . Michael.  He prescribed a larger dose of the little blue pills.  No, not viagra.  My diarrhea appears to him to be diet related, not disease related.  Now all I have to do is figure out what causes it.  He’ll remove my skin tags in his office and I won’t have to go to a dermatologist.  My rash is just a rash.  Over the counter ointments will fix that.

Just noticed I have a whole lot of air miles.  May go someplace in January with Andy.  Any suggestions?  Not from you Michael.

Nina’s Pregnant

Well, nothing much to talk about lately.  Going to the doctor today and depending on what he has to say that may change.

Winter is coming out here.  We can feel it at night, but the days are somewhat mild still.  We are seeing more wind as of late, but nothing extreme.  I am constantly amazed that the weather people on TV can keep their jobs.  Unbelievably  inaccurate forecasts.  I would fire them, but they still appear daily and spread their lies.

Am I the only person in the world that doesn’t give a hoot about Michael Jackson’s doctor’s trial?  Lately I seem to be hearing a lot about this guy on the news.  I have no trouble with him being arrested and tried, but I just don’t care.  I guess it boils down to the fact that I just don’t care about celebrities and their actions or what happens to them.  Overpaid babies.

I get my newspaper for free because I let them place a box on my property, but I’m thinking of canceling my “subscription” because I feel like I’m not getting enough value for what it costs me.  The Santa Fe New Mexican is a liberal rag that is annoying me with the daily stupidity.  The paper screams LIBERAL and I feel they should be neutral and unbiased.  They also are starting to cheap out on the comics.  I hate their comics now and they used to have good ones.

I finally got my Ranch Hand this past weekend.  Hope to test it out today or tomorrow with Andy.  Anyone remember Andy?  Seven months to get the stupid thing.  Don’t know what a Ranch Hand is?  Google it.

Just heard on the news that a serial killer here in NM is serving 200 years in prison.  Why?  Just kill him.  200 years?

I am stunned.  Another public employee caught downloading porn on a state owned computer and cell phone.  Makes me believe that we have a policy in place where we only hire morons.  Come on you idiots, wait until you get home to view your porn.  Now this moron will become part of the unemployed and we will be paying her benefits.  She’s probably gonna be labeled and no one will hire her again, so public aid is inevitable.  I bet she had her eye on elected office too.

I probably should not write on this thing while watching the morning news.

Michael?  You reading this?  Just so you know, I was wrong.  WalMart was NOT open when I said it was.  I’m sorry for giving you this wrong information.  Please forgive me.  For the rest of you reading this; Michael says I never admit when I’m wrong.  This statement proves otherwise.  I saw that it opens today.

On the topic of WalMart, Santa Fe needs 2 WalMart stores like I need a second wife.  I hope to never set foot in this new store.  I wish WalMart never existed.  Sam Walton, you should be ashamed for unleashing this monster on the world.

General Things

Erin is in Dilia again.  We had a nice lunch at Burger King with Nina, but there were no kids there for her to play with this time.  She still ha a good time yesterday.  It was funny, when Will came to get Erin, he tried to hug Nina and she brushed by him and got into the Jeep.  He told Tori that it hurt his feelings that she wouldn’t acknowledge the gesture.  Such a sensitive guy.

We’ve had a nice batch of rain lately.  Nice rain, slow and easy rain.  No erosion, no damage, no serious winds.  We did get a great rainbow the other day.

A Pecos River Rainbow

Purdy, huh?  Not too bad for a cell phone picture.

I’m going to the doctor on Wednesday.  Just a general check up with several directed questions relating to comfort issues.  Numbness being the main issue.  I’d have gone this week but my doctor was on vacation.  I didn’t think doctors were allowed to take vacations.  What if I needed E.D. meds while he was gone?  Nina would be so disappointed!  What is this world coming to?

I was just reviewing the Arrow’s Ridge menus for October and they look very good as usual.  They are having a Halloween party again this year and they want me to dress up.  That should be exciting.  Maybe I’ll resurrect my flasher costume.

Anyone hear the rumor that one of the pueblos may buy my property and put a casino here?  Rumor has it my neighbor wants to sell his place but it’s not large enough at 35 acres, but if you add my place to it you get 60 acres.  Not bad, huh?  And you didn’t think I was capable of doing math.  Should I start holding my breath?

There is a whole train of thought were them buying both places makes a bunch of sense.  If you wish to be educated on my thought processes, call me.  Just be warned, my mind is a weird place.

Tori bought Erin a makeup kit.  Why in God’s name would anyone buy a 2 year old a makeup kit?

Erin all dolled up . . .

Yes, I just sat there and watched her do this.  I’m a grandfather, not a parent and I will watch her do things like this just to amuse myself.  The color around the eyes is actually lipgloss.  And yes, that’s lipstick in her hair.

I think I’m going to go shooting tomorrow.

Great Rain

We had a great rain yesterday and overnight.  1.25 inches of slow steady rain.  No wash outs, no erosion, it was great.  Looks like i’ll be working my lot again this afternoon.

The recent rains have canceled all the activities at the Ballon Fiesta today, if you are interested.  The vendors will be there and open and there’s free parking and admission for those that brave the mud.  Have fun.

Reading the Chicago Suntimes this morning, the lead story is about how Chicago is expected to have another severe winter with heavy snows and frigid temperatures.  Last year Chicago had 58 inches of snow and they expect similar snow amounts.  Glad I’m here and not there.

Our newest door slammer.

Erin has healed well enough to join the ranks of the household door slammers.  Tori taught her well.  Yesterday I was having my morning nap, while waiting for Nina to realize that it is morning already and the bank is only open 7 hours a day, when BANG! Erin comes storming out of her room.  She rushes up to me and gives me a good morning kiss and races off to the bathroom to slam that door.  On the way out of the bathroom she yells “I peed Pake” and heads back to her room to acquire some toy.  She manages to slam the door twice in the process.

I’m pretty sure that I’m the only one that hears this stuff.  All through the summer I’ve been shooting gophers in my back yard with a very loud gun and NO ONE hears it.  The first few times I apologized to the household for firing the gun so early and ALL stated they did not hear it.  They are all very deep sleepers or they medicate before bed.

Speaking of Erin . . . .

Erin has recovered very well.  Her leg shows no trace of a limp and her foot has returned to its normal position.  She runs and jumps and plays like the break never happened.  I am very grateful that this episode is now over, with the exception of a final doctor’s visit months down the road.  I still feel that her father was reckless and should be denied unsupervised visits with her, but Tori and the officials that investigated this sad incident disagree.  Erin loves this fool quite a bit, I can tell by the way she talks about him, but his presence in her life still worries me.

We are doing the Burger King thing again and we try to do it weekly.  I made the mistake of punishing her one day by telling her that we weren’t going to go to BK because of one of her actions and I found that it was more of a punishment to me than her.  She and I take walks on the campground frequently and she always sees new things for her to explore.  She leads and I follow.

Tori?  Josh?

Tori and Josh are still hot and heavy.  Didn’t know about Josh?  Friend Tori on Facebook and meet him there.  Josh hurt his ankle again while at his parents house and there is a slim chance that he may lose his foot and get a prosthetic foot.  With all the restrictions placed on him by his doctors, I almost think the replacement would be the better of the choices.

Andy?  Anyone remember him? 

Still in school.  Still very critical of all things.  Still basically a good kid.  Still hates the lottery.


Nina’s doing well.  Her shoulder has healed completely and now she’s thinking of having her feet fixed.  Her big toe on one foot seems to be trying to pass the others against her will.  It could affect her ability to walk later in life, so she wants to prevent that.

Me?  Nobody cares about me, so why bother?

I come back from vacation all rested and calm , and it takes just a few hours of dealing with the store to destroy my calm.  The day we returned I ended up throwing our phone in anger because of employee stupidity.  I break more phones because of my employees.  This one survived.

Nina and I took a nice drive on Sunday where we decided to go off road for a bit.  We got lost.  Well, not really lost, we just couldn’t find our way back o the main road.  The in Jeep GPS was fairly useless, it wanted to take us the most direct way back to the store and I happen to know that the road it wanted us to take doesn’t exist anymore.  Quite a few roads on the nav unit were barely roads anymore, but since they were taken off of old BLM and forest service maps, they were include in the nav unit.  It took us about an hour to find our way back to the main road.  It was fun.  We actually had to engage the 4 wheel drive and at one point had to drag it down to 4 wheel low to cross a gully caused by erosion.  I believe that I was using only 3 wheels at one point during that crossing.

Politics are starting to anger me.  Both sides are lying bags of shit.  I have no idea which liar to even consider voting for, but I know that I won’t vote for the socialist.  I have to admit that he’s done, or at least claimed credit for, some very good things, but it is nowhere near the level of grabbing my vote from a different, and yet unknown, candidate.  Gary Johnson strikes me a good candidate, other than the fact that he hasn’t a chance in Hell of winning anywhere.

Everyone have a good day.


I am a husband, father, grandfather, friend, business owner, traveller, Harley rider, citizen, patriot, gun owner, politically eclectic person of strange personal habits. I support police, trust no politicians, and can argue any side of an argument just to amuse myself. People love me or hate me and those that are in-between don't know me.