Indian Market Today

Walking the crowd, looking at all the beautiful people that attend, and getting my delicious butter dipped corn on the cob.  Indian Market differs from Spanish Market in that there are many of the participants in full costume.  Spanish Market has only the Mariachi groups in costume.

I’ll try to remember to take pictures and post them here.

Fun Today

Went 4 wheeling today.  Was shown a new trail that opens a whole new area for me to wheel in.  Lots of side trails and there’s a ton of Indian artifacts to be found.

Got a nice shot of the back of the campground too.

Busy stupid morning, nice lunch, napped the afternoon away.

Let’s see how I can put this . . . .    Last night after Josh and Henry finished with the leak that was in the campground area, I found a new leak on a site just above the one fixed.  Not sure if it was something that they screwed up or if it was the increased pressure that caused the leak.  Yesterday I had 2 goofs @ $10/hour digging for over 9 hours with a total of $180 to fix this leak.  Today I had the hole dug fast and nasty by a backhoe for $50 and the whole job was done in 3 hours.  Much better deal and less goofs.  I had to run to Vegas to get some parts and I had planned to do this early, but Nina had other ideas.  With us subdividing the place, she felt she should know how I had hoped to subdivide things and made arrangements for her “guys” to be there for the showing.  8 a.m.  I got to get parts an hour later.

Lunch at Dennis and Anne’s down in the valley.  FRESH picked sweet corn from North Dakota, picked on Sunday on a family farm.  I should go there hunting.  North Dakota is pheasant heaven, except in season, then it becomes Hell for the pheasants!  Dennis also made burgers and dogs flavored with a Korean sauce of some sorts.  Very good.  Desert was melons, strawberries and other types of berries.  Erin loved the smaller berries.  Yeah, we had Erin with us.  Their house was not kid proof and there were a few tense moments while she played with their dog Gunner.  She’d throw his toy and he’d retrieve.  She has little throwing control and it scared us a bit.  They were cute together.  Thanks Anne and Dennis!

Nothing to tell you about my nap, except that I slept in my chair.

Coming into fall soon and it can’t come soon enough for me.  This summer was brutal.  Must be global warming, right?  While I think it’s a cyclical hot period, I’m sure that the science types want to validate their voodoo theories by saying it’s global warming, so I’m gonna jump on board with that shit because I think voodoo is very cool.  GLOBAL WARMING PEOPLE!  BOOGITY BOOGITY BOOGITY!

Pilates today and some other stuff

  • Nina and I have Pilates today.  I just don’t feel like going today, but I will.
  • Sitting here with Erin watching Sponge Bob.  He’s my favorite cartoon.
  • Erin found her way to our bed last night and I never noticed until I woke up with the hiccups.  My hiccups sent her away.  She stormed out and went elsewhere.
  • Bad experience with a neighbor this weekend.  He sent me a letter that was vile and insulting.  A true slap in the face, several slaps actually.  Right now I’m trying to calm down and resist the urge to destroy him. There’s a lot more I’d like to say, but I won’t.
  • We’ve had 2 great rains the previous 2 days.  The place greens up nicely after rains like that.
  • We now have 2 interested parties.
  • Nothing else I guess.

Sunday Things

Today we were scheduled to be in the Pecos River Canyon around noon for a viewing of an old store where the owner is trying to sell the equipment.  We went, we looked, and we dismissed the stuff and left.

Macho Church.
Yes, that is it’s name. No idea why, sorry.

The above church has one service a year, a Christmas service.  BIG deal out here.  Decided to take a picture this trip past it.  It was around 1/2 a mile from the store we visited today.

Headed back up the canyon after the store and went to the Holy Ghost Campground and scoped out some of the trails we plan on hiking this fall.  Lots of neat old houses on the way to Holy Ghost.  These houses are summer residences that are on Forest Service land that were leased for 100 years.  These houses are now nearing the end of their leases and the F.S. has no intention of renewing the leases.  The house owners are responsible for the removal of the house and restoring the land to it’s original state.  Really?  How is a current owner to know what the land was like 100 years ago?  This was something that the local chapter of the  Sierra Club is demanding and the F.S. is agreeing with them.  Damned enviros!  It’s a shame that these 100 y.o. homes will be destroyed.

On the way home we stopped at the Hummingbird for carrot cake and coffee.  Erin arrived home shortly after we did and she’s a grumpy little brat.  She wants nothing to do with me right now and it will cost her dearly.  I’m gonna delete all the Bob recordings on the DVR.

I’ve got to cut those aluminum blocks out of the springs on my Jeep, they rattle something fierce and drive me nuts.  I’ve determined that they serve no purpose and I will remove them.

Oh well, that’s it for now.  Later.



  • I think my sister was hinting to me on FB that I swear too much.  She’s probably right, but I tend to swear much less in the last 3.5 years. 
  • Erin and I went to Burger King today.  We stayed for a couple hours and Erin had a blast, while I sweated.  Stupid a/c was down there.  Tons of kids and hot mommies. I played on my iPad and ignored the hotties and their kids and kept my usual sharp eye on my little friend.
  • Someone made a deposit of fecal matter on our front patio last night.  It makes me wish I could catch the depositor of said matter and make future deposits very painful.  I can only hope that he’s contracts a disease that would never allow him a solid stool again.
  • Erin is downstairs playing with some kid.  I keep seeing streaks of white flash by on the security camera accompanied with an occasional scream.  She started the day with a pair of perfectly clean socks that are now missing parts and pieces around the toes.
  • Made the Sam’s Club run this a.m.  Huge load of product, made necessary by the lack of the grocery order of yesterday.  Can’t remember why we didn’t get that order.  Tori, can you remember why we didn’t get an order today?
  • While towing the trailer with a load like today, I noticed that the Jeep rides a lot better than when empty.  Nina and I made the run and had a nice morning together.  
  • Going to the Hummingbird Cafe tomorrow with Dennis.  Kind of a hippy dippy place, a place most of you would not figure to see me at, but I enjoy the place, the owner, the atmosphere, and some of the food.  They have a page on FB if you’re interested, just search for the name and add Pecos, NM.
  • Poker tomorrow evening.  
  • MaryLou is still alive.  She sends me cards every week telling me that she’s still alive. This is to keep me from calling her and her having to talk to me.  It’s a win-win situation for me.
  • Watching American Guns right now.  They’re making a truck gun from a Winchester 94.  They are doing this for $7500.  They are charging some guy $7500 to customize a $500 gun.  They talked him into a titanium receiver!  I’m sorry, shoot what you bought and quit funding an overpriced TV gun shop.  Reality TV gives me diarrhea.
  • Shark Week?  Anyone else don’t care about that?  They’re pimping that series like crazy this week.
  • I think I need to go shooting this week.  I may see if Kim and Jenna want to join me.  They’ve been asking me to take them shooting now for months and real life has always interfered.  Kim wants to make sure that Jenna is confident in her shooting abilities and Kim just likes to shoot.  Mother and daughter if you’re wondering.  Neighbors if you care.  Nice people.
  • I’ve been noticing some nice new laptops in the P.C. strain of computers lately.  A few compare positively to the Mac Airbook that I use and enjoy.  While I love my Macs, I still watch the P.C. market.
  • My favorite pain in the rectal region, Michael Levy, has risen again.  I got him back on the web and hosted his domain on my server space.  I restarted his website and then the dumb ass decided that having it under his name would be doing me a favor.  He can be such a pain in the anal area and I’m charging him $50/hour to make his impulsive cranial gas attack a reality.  Once done, I will never do anything for him again.  I learned my lesson.  He heard I was having a party soon and wondered where his invite was.  I smiled and walked away.
  • See Beth, I can post without swearing, I just feel swearing is like feelings shorthand.  Don’t expect me to keep this up.


  • Nothing much to say here, but since I get more play here than on the family BB, I’ll post the b.s. here.
  • Ernest and family stopped by this past weekend and we sat out front chatting for about a half hour and catching up.  
  • I’m starting to read about “tiny houses for real sized people” at various sites on the web.  It’s amazing how small a space certain people need to live in when they don’t accumulate crap in their lives.
  • Tomorrow marks the 1 month to anniversary party point.  I’m looking forward to the party and the vacation after the party.  Going to Ouray for the first week and the second week is up in the air still.
  • I had to disallow people from signing up at at my business site.  Spammers again.  I was deleting 10+ people a day.  What a pain.
  • Pilates today.  Still doing it.  Still enjoying it, mostly.
  • This site people are still allowed to join and post.  It takes a few posts to be able to post freely, but once that threshold is reached you can have at it.  I think it requires 2 approved posts to be able to skirt my vetting, sort of a system requirement.
  • Andy is now in school.  This is a 2 week course that is a precursor to his career path I’m told.  He also will be taking a full load at SFCC this semester.  
  • Tori is talking about a Florida vacation in October with Erin.  I smell a trip to Disney.

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